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MySQL tunning


After a bit of research, and some inspection, I was able to tweak the database configuration (Percona MySQL 5.5), on the new server, which decreased load time, and reduced MySQL CPU utilization by a rather remarkable degree… The slowness of the site  had me worried that I would have to spin up a separate server to handle the database immediately–though I do plan to do exactly that around a February to March timeline as well as replace this current server with a MUCH stronger one. After watching it perform I think we are ok for now…

Also, I am investigating the issue with the images messing up for guests and members that are not logged in. Hopefully I can resolve this pretty quickly after some consultation with the people at Simple-Press.



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EW Video & Audio Launched!

On Nov 11, Jack Marshak, one of our Etheric Warriors, produced the first interview of the Etheric Warriors Radio Hour with a brilliant interview of Carol Croft (crystalinsights.net) and Dooney  (donebydooney.com) both Etheric Warrior Psychics Extraordinaire. Check out the interview at Jack Marshak’s EW Radio Hour.

Coming soon Azti will be launching a Weekly News Show reporting on Etheric Warrior Events of the Week… From the latest from the Kikundi in Africa, to the recent breaking of the Rain Barrier into the Mediterranean, North Africa, and the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. Events are moving fast! Great breakthroughs have been achieved and more are busting forth as the Cabal’s Weather Weaponry and Death Towers are peacefully neutralized…

Keep posted on new developments on EW!

Thanks for stopping by :-)

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My first post

Azti spent three hours in an encrypted chatroom, today, trying to teach me how to move the user list to the new format and I just couldn’t keep up with him, so he’s going to arrange to work with me on my own computer, remotely.  After that I’m going to do the job and everyone can start posting again.  I don’t know how some can now post and others can’t but at least now you know–in case you were wondering–that I wasn’t shipped off to Guantanamo in the middle of the night or suicided.  Carol and I keep a motorhome down south in case the federal $#!+rats try to jail the American zapper makers, again, as they started to do in the summer of 2000. I know they hate us more for our orgonite work than for the zappers.  Thanks to this forum effort, which includes some very substantive and committed people here and abroad and a well-earned reputation for integrity, I think we’re a much harder target for them now.

About an hour before we gave up I told him that I felt like I was in a dentist’s chair and that I imagined that it must be even more excruciating for him. He said he felt like a surgeon, picking someone off the street and telling him, over a computer, what to cut 8)

The new format will make things go more smoothly and the capability of the forum is expanded dramatically, so thanks for your patience and thanks, again, to Azti for spending all that time and effort to get this job done–a massive project and we really needed to keep up with the times.

He’ll soon also fix the log-in process to make it harder for NSA hackers to interfere with members’ ability to log on.

I’m in bewildered awe of people who are able to navigate the web without struggling.



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New EW Website is UP!


After a lot of hard work, the new Ethericwarriors.com website is up and running. Of course, there will be a lot of small things to tweak, as well as new features to roll out soon.

Enjoy :-)


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