Project Mbolea

Mbolea, is the Kiswahili word for Orgonite being popularized through many parts of Africa. Over the last several years, the Mbolea Gifting Kikundi (Community) has grown to the point of almost achieving business self sufficiency by selling field grade Mbolea/Orgonite within, primarily, the Great Rift Lakes Regions of Africa, but extending now into South Africa and West Africa as far as Mali. The effects of Orgonite gifting in these regions has been extraordinary. Areas with very little rainfall, which were unable to yield crops for local populations and which previously resulted in great hardship and hunger are now experiencing a renewal of abundant rainfall. Additionally, many areas of the great rift lakes, which were polluted, and choked with mats of Hydrilla, are now clear of gross contaminants and fishing (for subsistence and local commerce) has improved tremendously.

Project Mbolea is Etheric Warrior’s efforts to support and nurture the efforts of our African Kikundi in the great, and remarkably important effort, to restore the beleaguered region. Africa has, to date, been victimized by gross exploitation by the Global Power Elite, in their aim to maintain chaos, hunger, and conflict in the region such that their Corporate Organisms can more easily, and cheaply, “rape” the Continent of its wealth of Minerals and Petroleum bounty. Project Mbolea seeks to restore, and sustain, the fundamental liberty and self sufficiency, of native populations by allowing them to feed themselves rather than depend on the “tender mercies” of corrupt relief organizations in the face (manufactured through “weather” weaponry) of drought, leading to crop failure, and the inevitable descent into misery and starvation.