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"Eleven years ago I discovered that inexpensive zappers routinely cure cancer and AIDS.  Whatís taking so long for this news to spread?  The answer, of course, is subversion, ritual magic, DOR-based radionics and other high-tech magic and, not least, the studious avoidance in the What To Think Network of any mention of this phenomenally liberating, accessible technology."--Don Croft (July 2007)

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Blood pressure
Brain fog.
   Lymph nodes

   Rectum cancer
Energy  1  2  3  4  5
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Hepatitis C
Lyme Disease
Mental imbalances
Radiation poisoning
Snake bite

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Nail lyme
Dear Orgonise Africa,
I am using the El Silverado zapper for about 6 weeks now, and the results are amazing. I had a corn under my little toe for a few years and i couldnís get rid of it (even after trying all the things from the drugstore). After 3 weeks of zapping it just fell out. At first i was happy, but still a bit afraid of the hole it left under ky toe. Now after 6 weeks of zapping, it is completely recovered and the hole is gone. I also zap my big toe, because i have a severe type of nail lime. Again i tried all the stuff from the drugstore for more than 2 years, but it only seemed to get worse. Untill i starting zapping my big toe. Now after 4 weeks it looks like the nail is regenerating and the nail lime is growing out. Itís Fantastic! because nail lime is very ugly.For the rest i donít have much other problems, but in general i feel good when i am zapping. Keep up this fantastic work! SVK, Netherlands

Zapper Effects On Old Injuries & Toxins
 Hanh mitakuyapi / hello my relatives. I had one of Don's zappers for awhile; then lost it.. He sent me  another one.  When I used the first one, I was suffering from a wide variety of toxins built up in my system. Worse I think was from ethylene glycol antifreeze I was soaked in for at least an hour & a half after my heater core exploded when I was 90 miles from home on a zero-degree day w no clothes to change into. The headliner in the pickup cab was dripping! I knew what to do to detox, so called a friend,  told her what happened, left the door unlocked & asked her to come by daily & check on me & let WaSka out. Put 6 5-gal buckets by the bed w lots of paper towels & 5 gallons of water, a big bottle of activated charcoal & another of bentonite clay, & some grape juice; then laid down &  spent 6 days sicker than can be described.  I had taken a dose in thru the skin that would have been fatal if I didn't know what to do.
  But even after detoxing & numerous detoxing juice fasts,  I still had symptoms. The spirits connected me with Don, he sent a zapper,  & I used it.  The copper discs turned black in minutes.
  I'd clean then & reapply & they'd turn black in minutes again. I did this for several days but the improvement in how I felt was amazing after the first day.
  I'm an Indigenous Traditional Healer & was not only delighted in the improvement, I told everyone I knew about it. The majority culture medical sorts patted me & told me it was just an appearance, of course.  But we all know how arrogant they are..  Neutral
  Several people asked to borrow my zapper "to see if they could prove it worked". (No, get your own. This one is mine & I need it.) Wink  
  so recently, I got another zapper from Don & started using it on an old injury to the left leg. It's a compound injury, from a terrible groin tear, having been kicked in the thigh by an excited horse (the whole leg turned black - one huge hematoma), & having been kicked in the left butt cheek by a bigot long a go (turned the whole thing black - try sitting in school on that!). It has bothered me for decades, but  more this last year. I've spent a lot of time on crutches, in fact.  Phooey!
  I put the zapper on these 3 areas for 'however long' each time - usually until I got a bothersome sensation - & have been finding a purple discoloration on the discs every time.  I remove it & reapply 'later'. but  in the meantime, I have little or no pain. Given the age of  these injuries, I figure there's a lot of leftover toxins from the original injuries bound in the  intercellular  spaces & maybe inside some cells themselves.
  The other place I use the zapper is on the 3rd eye & I'm sleeping better, feeling less depression, & generally feeling stronger.  Given my training, I don't believe this is the placebo effect.
  Just thought someone might want to know these things.  Hope it helps someone.

Sports injury
I think that the ptotocol you describe to follow is excellent.  My 17 year old hurt his leg muscle last week while skating. he used zapper for about two hours and had immediate relieve. LdV, South Africa

I lent a Silverado to a colleague who had fibrositis since aged 4.  She is now aged 25.  After wearing it day and night for four nights, her face glowed this morning, and she felt much better!Ē
CHL, Malaysia

Sciatic pain, headaches, allergies
Eliminates sciatic pain, headaches, tension, nervousness, allergy symptoms, and things Iím still finding out about! We feel much better, and after being exposed to toxic chemicals, I had to clean off one of the electrodes that filtered them out of my system! Great item! JR, USA

Dear Don And Carol,
    My name is Joel M****. I recently ordered a zapper and two harmonic protectors. I just wanted to tell you how much that the have helped me. I felt like I have been under psychic attack for the last 2 years. I am new to the world of orgonite gifting and haven't made any of my own yet but plan to in the near future.
    I have a lawsuit out against a major pharmaceutical company for murdering my father with a drug called fentanyl. I feel like ever since I started this lawsuit that my health has been deteriorating and that something has been trying to make me sick. I was having terrible breathing problems and I noticed that I had a lump growing in my throat. I was getting chronic recurring infections in my lungs and throat and in my bottom 2 wisdom teeth. I have also had extreme anxiety attacks where I never had any anxiety before which made my breathing problem worse.
    I began to believe that there was no hope for myself or humanity because those who are in control were winning. I am so glad that something guided me to your site. It brought a tear to my eye to know that sylphs and other elementals are regulating the terrible things that are unleashed on this planet and that good people like you exist and are successfully fighting against the evil that has a stronghold on this planet.
    I had heard the term chemtrails but never noticed them until yesterday when I saw them directly over my house.  They were there only a few minutes then a large sylph intervened and they were gone within 20 minutes. It was so amazing to see this right in front of my eyes and reassured my hope for the future.
    I have been using our zapper for a week and wearing the harmonic protector. I have noticed that my breathing problems are fading and the lump in my throat is almost gone.  I feel better than I have in a long time and have a renewed hope for the future.
    I have also noticed that the harmonic protector is helping with whatever negative things that were trying to influence me. I hope to make a succor punch or purchase one in the near future to further protect myself. I hoped to be entirely healed soon.  Any thoughts on what I should do would be much appreciated.
                                                     thank you so much for everything,
                                                              Joel M****

03 February 08 - 10:36Zapper Update A friend has been using the zapper of late and during her menstrual cycle, found the zapper definitely reduces cramps and allows the bowels to free up, constipation being a normal cycle of menstration. Also, if you have a zapper, put on end on your left foot and the other pole on your right hand, for maximum system application. Then reverse it after twenty minutes, right foot, left hand. FYI.  Don Bradley

"Any zapper also generally lowers blood pressure permanently and in a fairly short time (presumably by destroying gteh fungi that perforate artery walls so that the body quickly re-absorbs the cholesterol/plaque 'patches'), also cures most of whatever else might ail someone in the process of getting rid of the blood pressure problem.  I've been recommending the ten dollar zapper for several months to people who feel that paying for one of ours is too much of a money risk.  It's on and is much better than any of Hulda Clark's or Robert Beck's offerings. The reason it's better is that it can be worn under clothing.  Ionizing the blood is what destroys pathogenic organisms and even neutralizes acidic poisons (including snake venom, I found out directly), so the longer one wears a zapper, the more ions enter the bloodstream.  All battery powered zappers are entirely harmless,  by the way, because they only get around five millionths of an amp of current into the bloodstream--not enought to interfere with bodily processes and certainly not enough to cause 'electroporesis.' "--Don Croft "I Don't Get Mad, I...

I've been lending out the zapper Don kindly gave me and its truly done the rounds.  I first gave it to a person who had been paralysed on one side from AIDS.  With its use within a month, he was able to start having sensations on that side and to start walking without crutches.  It's also been used for a couple of weeks by a guy who was in pain from gout, who found relief and gave it back.  Then my friend who was suffering from toothache.  He started zapping once a week, whenever we met, and found he didn't need to spend money to see the dentist after the tooth fell out, of its own accord.  Then there's the lady friend who always seems to get chest/cough infections, but quickly recovers whenever she meets me and zaps.  Most of my family have just found relief from the symptoms of flu/cold and not had to wait for the seven days or week to recover ;-)
    I for one, am grateful that I don't need to contend with tummy problems any more.  I'd thought that an upset stomach was something I was going to have to get used to as my mum had it and I thought it run in the family.  I'd spend many sleepless hours at night because of pain/heartburn/gastritis, and spend the next day feel a little off from lack of sleep and probably lower levels of energy.  My sleep was in fact becoming so erratic that even when I didn't have tummy dramas, I'd find that I was restless when I was meant to be enjoying beauty sleep like everyone else.  That is all history, am glad to say, since I made orgonite pyramids and put one under my bed and since I started using a zapper.  When I did the former, I found that even though I was still not digesting well, at least I was sleeping throughout the night, soundly.  AND I was having lucid dreams, for the first time in a long, long time.  When I started using the zapper, I first reacted to it negatively for a couple of weeks, then my stomach problems went away.  I can now enjoy my favourite chillie cuisine without angst ;-) [EW June 2006] Gifting in judylubulwa

General health:
I find that I am generally much healthier when I wear it on a regular basis.  In the past year or so, I took a break from wearing it for a while, and I have been sick much more often.  Therefore, Iíve decided to continue using it on a regular basis and will continue to promote your website and fantastic products to anyone I can. RF, USA
I gave a silverado zapper to a colleague as she was ďtoo poorĒ to afford one. To her astonishment, she recovered totally from all her ailments within one night of zapping! I consider this a MIRACLE!
I wonder why the conventional medicine doesnít embrace the humble zapper with both arms?
This morning her face was glowing, she was bounding with energy, and she was so happy! She said she regretted not taking my advice to buy a zapper months earlier, as she looked only at the prices and not the write-ups. CHL, Malaysia
bought my first EL Silverado a few years ago. It was just an awesome mind opening experience. Since then I have purchased four more units. My children use them when they are feeling sick and within 24 hours they are symptom free. They donít ask for medications or vitamins they ask for their Orgone Zappers. I am simply amazed by how these little miracles machines have worked. I strap two on, one on each calf. They are so powerful that when I donít zap for a while I experience something called die off which is nothing other then my body detoxifying from the death of all the organisms that shouldnít be inside me. For a day it is like I have the flu then I feel amazing for days. This unit serves me in so many ways. I make Colloidal Silver with it and I hook it put to my small orgone wand. These guys a miracle workers! Thanks! Michael, UK
Hello Dear ones, I bought this item about 6 months ago. I can tell you this is a one stop solution for every thing. Other than zapping, the silver ions help kill germs, neodymium magnet helps, orgone chi creates positive scalar field around body and it can also be used for radionics with your intentions. Overall 5/5. A must have in your kitty !!! enkij

Youíll notice that no cancer, AIDS or other acute illness testimonials are included. In fact any zapper on the market (certainly including ours) quickly and easily cures most of those sicknesses, even in the terminal stage, so if you want to see those testimonials just go to the other zapper makersí websites and know that we all get consistent results.
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

[EW Oct 2006] Zappers being used to cure AIDS in a hospital in Uganda - Don Croft

The big A
Uganda has a population of about 30 million people and 20% are now living with HIV/AIDS and need this treatment. The government chemist, Ministry of Health, Dr. Grace Nambatya Kyeyune has now included the ZAPPER for HIV treatment in Uganda, officially, on the basis of my own research, testimony and case study. The Zapper is amazingly the most important scientific discovery since the Atomic Bomb but based on laws of magnetism. In just six months of using the Zapper my viral load fell from millions per sample to an undetectable level. This is bad news for the drug cartel and good news for millions living with HIV/AIDS, worldwide. Nathan K, Uganda

I can make the arthritis claim because I've got plenty of confirmations--it's as routine as curing cancer, in fact.  We're prudent not to advance any claim which we can't personally substantiate but it's always okay to say that 'some claim zappers cure arthritis,' and leave it up to the hearer to decide whether to pursue it farther.  [EW April 2006] Don Croft on zapper curing arthritis

I am one of the biggest advocates of zappers you will meet.  It has turned me into a much healthier person, even though I never considered myself to be unhealthy really in the first place.  I have, however, had asthma since a very young age, induced by exercise, stress, and allergies.  Along with the asthma, Iíve always tended to get bouts of bronchitis, the flu, colds, etc. at least once a month or so.  There were always certain times of the year, such as December and March, when I could pretty much count on being debilitated by my asthma and bronchitis.  It was a regular occurance, and had just become natural to me. 
    I started wearing a zapper in April of last year, after finally ordering the standard orgone zapper from orgonize-africa.  I had been reading about it for some time, and decided it was finally time to try it out.  Since then, I have been convinced that the zapper is one of the greatest inventions we will ever see.  I have not actually used any asthma medicine or had any attacks since February of last year, and havenít had bronchitis or a cold or anything in about the same length of time.  Itís so nice not getting sick every month anymore!  I can actually make plans for St. Patrickís Day and Christmas without having to worry about whether or not I will need to bring my Nebulizer machine so that I can breathe.  Itís really great, and I owe Georg from orgonize-africa big time. 
    Another thing I noticed was that on the first day I started wearing my zapper, I lost 5 pounds!  At the time, I was not dieting, was not exercising, and had actually eaten quite an unhealthy selection that day, including a big piece of chocolate cake for breakfast!  There is absolutely no reason that I should have lost weight that day.  I even took the batteries out of my scale and replaced them with new ones to be sure, but it was not a mistake.  I weigh myself every morning and I lost 5 pounds in one day, just from wearing the zapper.  Iím not sure if it increased my metabolism, or if it was 5 pounds of parasites dying off!  Either way, I kept the weight off and have remained healthy ever since.  The zapper is indeed one of the greatest inventions of our time.  Peace and love always,------Rocky J  [May 2006]

Blood pressure
I want to thank you for producing these life-giving devices.
I started using my zapper about 2 weeks ago...I have already cured the following ailments:
1. eliminated floaters in my eyesight. My optometrist said that there was no way to get rid of these floaters!
2. eliminated the almost constant nasal congestion I had been plagued with since childhood (falsely attributed to an allergy to pine tree pollen)
3. boosted my weight loss program (started losing 4 lbs. a week on my weight loss plan - was losing only 1 lb. per week)
4. eliminated my depression
5. eliminated a rash that I had on my arms and legs for years - dermatologist said it was caused from an allergy or reaction and wanted to give me all kinds of creams and pills which were useless.
6. in addition to a healthier diet that I had been on for approx. 1 month, lowered my blood pressure and equalized it - I am now 112/70 with a resting heart rate of 66 - one month ago I got consistent readings of 145/90 with a resting heart rate average of 84.
[EW April 2006] Don Croft on zapper curing arthritis

"Any zapper also generally lowers blood pressure permanently and in a fairly short time (presumably by destroying gteh fungi that perforate artery walls so that the body quickly re-absorbs the cholesterol/plaque 'patches'), also cures most of whatever else might ail someone in the process of getting rid of the blood pressure problem.  I've been recommending the ten dollar zapper for several months to people who feel that paying for one of ours is too much of a money risk.  It's on and is much better than any of Hulda Clark's or Robert Beck's offerings. The reason it's better is that it can be worn under clothing.  Ionizing the blood is what destroys pathogenic organisms and even neutralizes acidic poisons (including snake venom, I found out directly), so the longer one wears a zapper, the more ions enter the bloodstream.  All battery powered zappers are entirely harmless,  by the way, because they only get around five millionths of an amp of current into the bloodstream--not enought to interfere with bodily processes and certainly not enough to cause 'electroporesis.' "--Don Croft "I Don't Get Mad, I...

My health was not so great. I had chronic brain fog. I was constantly exhausted from candidas and who knows what else. Every year since about 1990 I would get a deep hacking cough in the fall which last until spring. The force behind the cough would leave my ribs and stomach area raw and painful. The last time I felt happily energetic was the summer of 1995, just before my 3rd child was born. That was the year I developed fungal rashes that still plague me. I had to pick and choose where to spend my limited daily ration of energy. If my health problems were not enough, my guilt would weigh heavy on me for not being physically able to take care of my family and home the way I wanted to. It was a rather depressing existence.
    The zapper did indeed help me and my family. My son coughed up two worms within 5 minutes of wearing it. Thank God I didn't throw up from seeing that as we were in the middle of a grocery store. From the first day zapping I stopped taking my thrice daily asthma medication because I felt okay and simply forgot about it. I've only needed it once or twice since then. Soon enough a cyst in the corner of my eye mysteriously disappeared. The other dramatic improvement for me was the first dose of Doc Von Peter's chembuster remedy that I started about after a month of zapping. I did dishes, laundry and mopped the floor all before noon. That usually would have taken all my energy and the whole day to accomplish. When I realized what I'd already done and how I still had energy left over I was dancing in the kitchen! I was no longer a prisoner in my body, I was free!!
[Aug 2004] So long 2004! You served me well.---MoonBeam

Pin Worms and Candida:
Hello Orgonise Africa!
I just had to tell you about my experiences with my zapper I ordered from you. After doing a lot of research on the subject I was finally willing to have faith in the electro-treatment and got one of my very own! I now know for a FACT that this works, and Iíll tell you why. I had pin worms, which had obvious symptoms. I got rid of a lot of them through the right herbs and I saw the little dead buggers come out. Well, I obviously could not get them all because my symptoms returned. But instead of getting rid of them again the same way, I thought Iíd wait for my zapper and experiment to see if it could get rid of them by zapping them. Well, after a week of side effects from the zapper including very intense ďunder the skinĒ itching all over, few accidental acid burns and increased bowel movements I have to say all pin worm symptoms have ceased. More over, I believe it has solved my Candida problem which started 2 years ago after trying the birth control pill. I went off the pill after two months because of the intense sugar cravings (it had ruined my sex drive anyway). I however never recovered and have gained 10 kilos since. A lot for a 20 year old with a pretty good metabolism. Sorry to be so personal, but just wanted to express how damaging medication can be. I am now on a diet to lose weight, and I have to say that sometimes I have to be careful I donít eat too little! My sugar cravings have subsided, and now I only think about food when Iím actually hungry. Iíll go a whole day moving around at work and not even stop to eat! I have to put down my past sugar cravings to the parasites in my system. I mean, I used to eat a fast food meal DAILY, a whole large pizza in one sitting was do-able. So, even though my health is regained I am still addicted to using the zapper, which leads me to the orgonite. I never really believed it all that much, but itís helped my energy work so much. I feel the energy straight away when I put it on and the feeling of euphoria it gives is addictive. Iím even beginning to see my aura which I never could before. I could not imagine a better health and spiritual device, so thankyou for providing the service, I am greatly appreciative. Kind Regards, Louise, USA

I have three of these, two of which are the standard zapper and this one silver one, I will give one to a friend if they tell me about an ailment. I wear this often overnight, or throughout the day attached to my leg when Iím cycling or walking to and from work. It seems to work on multiple levels over the body, for me it sorts out candida fungus whiilst energizing you from the orgone and magnets.
I find myself having clearer skin and brighter complexion also after wearing for 2 hours in the day, always attached to back of my right leg.
For sleep I have worn on the bottom of my foot and have woken very Ďlightí. I will always turn to this device for helping my body fight any problems it comes up against.
Thanks Orgonise Africa. Best, Alex, USA

Youíll notice that no cancer, AIDS or other acute illness testimonials are included. In fact any zapper on the market (certainly including ours) quickly and easily cures most of those sicknesses, even in the terminal stage, so if you want to see those testimonials just go to the other zapper makersí websites and know that we all get consistent results. [EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

The Big C
Norma is a friend of ours whom we met in 2001, before we even started making zappers. She was diagnosed with a malignant cancer of the thyroid. The hospital had already scheduled her for a complete removal of the thyroid. I had then just ordered 3 of Don Croftís orgonite enhanced Terminator zappers and let her have one in the hope that it would help her. After 6 weeks of using the zapper she went back to the oncologist that had diagnosed her cancer. The cancer had become undetectable and the onkologist was of course perplexed. Norma B, South Africa

I. had breast cancer. Apart from using one of our zappers she went on a complete raw food diet. Her cancer is gone. She looks radiant and brimming with health. She and M. have a domestic worker who was diagnosed HIV+. She started using an orgone zapper given to her by Ivonne and now tests HIV-.   IWS, South Africa

Nice Testimonial for Andy's Basic Zapper  [$26 from .  ~Don] sept 2010
Dear Don,
Recently I bought a basic zapper from CTbusters (I think) and swapped using it with my eldest daughter during her visit with me. She was on an extended visit with me before a surgery scheduled for mid-September. **** (my daughter) has numerous health issues and the surgery is scheduled to remove a tumor on the back-side of her uterus that had grown large enough to cause kidney damage. She has had horrible endodemetriosis for many years and has suffered many, many miscarriages. Most of her life she has had a big problem with cysts that would form all over her body. This issue was common enough that she would often need to go to the ER to have them lanced.
    My basic zapper arrived just as she was having a painful eruption of 2 cysts in her groin area. She felt she would, indeed, make a visit to the ER to have them lanced. We put the zapper to work for 24 hours and noticed an immediate relief. Enough relief that she did not feel the need for the ER visit. At that point, I knew I would send the zapper with her when she returned home.
    **** returned home the day before her pre-op appointment after wearing the zapper non-stop. At the pre-op appointment, after the another set of blood work and tests, the blood NOW showed no indications of being cancerous (blood work 6 weeks earlier before her visit and the zapper, the doctors reported that the tumor was most likely cancerous according to the blood work), the tumor itself had decreased in size from 7 inches to 3 inches, and she showed no signs of the scarring from the endodemetriosis...

Lymph nodes
My name is Bruce.  I'm 55 years of age and have used my Croft Terminator zapper since October of 2005.  I had Cancer of the lymph nodes.  That is now gone. My very psychic friend has also suggested holding our little puppy while zapping to help with his epilepsy.--- Bruce P.  Denver, Colorado.

Rectum cancer.
My friend's friend who was suffering from rectum cancer. In October 2005, I was told that her cancer had spread to the liver and the bones. She was in great pain and had to take pain killers constantly, which further compromised her immune system, making her susceptible to various infections that required hospitalization for antibiotics treatment. Her cancer was so widely metastasized that it was not possible to remove all the cancerous cells by surgery. He doctor suggested chemotherapy as the last resort, to which she reluctantly agreed after getting a second opinion from Dr. Obitsu, a renowned holistic doctor and a strong advocate of alternative medicine, who also recommended chemo, as her condition was rather advanced. While undergoing chemo, she began using the silver zapper around November 18 and drinking the Cancer Prevention Tea on or shortly after November 28, 2005. On February 1, 2006, she was hospitalized again to receive another course of chemotherapy, but her tumor marker was already within the normal range. And the cancerous tumor in the liver completely disappeared. Her doctor said if she continued to heal at this rate, she might be able to detach the artificial anus that was constructed in her body on a temporary basis. Now, about a week ago (April 13), she underwent a minor surgery just to remove a small constricted/adhered portion of her rectum. Her original tumor has shrunk considerably to become more like a scar in the size of a thumbnail. The temporary artificial anus will be closed up within a couple of month, then she will be able to excrete naturally again! Her doctor, not knowing anything about the zapper or herbal remedies, was utterly amazed (and perplexed) as he had never seen chemo worked so effectively. He said he might present this "successful treatment case" at the next medical conference. As you can imagine, all of us were giggling... Anyway, we are all very thankful of your product and services. We will surely spread the words among our relatives and friends. Please also convey our heartfelt thanks to Karin. [WM April 2006 Cancer] Zapper Confirmation

since Davide brought up zapping as a reply to Don's post-one of my dogs and she was taken to a vet who was first to tell us she had a tumor the size of a quarter on her underside. I decided to use one of the Terminators I got from Don and see what happens - this took 3 hrs tops.... first time was 1/2 hr. --- then 1 hr. -- then 1/2 hr. then 1 hr. --- Tumor gone folks no shit. Vet still does not know what we did or how... we knew he would not except from talks we have had with him....
zapping does work! (dog tumour)

Please bear with me here, because as soon as she saw the incredible results she purchased one for her childhood friend who had a hysterectomy a year or so ago and was doing etremely pooly and now had 4 fibroid tumors in her breasts. The Terminator delivery was delayed (which is a big reason we want to wholesale them) and her friend did not get it until 2 days prior to her appointment for her next Xrays. I believe she wore it 24 hours a day, but when she went to the hospital for Xrays, all the tumors were gone. She hadn't even dare hope it would help, let alone get rid of them. Thanks, Elizabeth [WM April 2006 Cancer] Zapper Confirmation

A parallel evidence came to me from Romania in 1999. I had just started adding orgonite to my zappers, then, and a healer in Romania ordered several of them for his clinic. A few weeks later, I got an email from him and he seemed pretty excited to report that a dying patient had completely recovered from lung cancer and radiation sickness within a couple of weeks after he started zapping. The fellow had been one of a cleanup crew at Chernyobyl. I'm pretty sure that a basic zapper circuit, alone, won't cure radiation sickness but that orgonite, alone, will cure it. Any zapper routinely cures cancer but an ordinary zapper won't likely cure cancer if the sufferer has been undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I'm watching for opportunities to see if a zapper with orgonite will cure cancer even when radation is being administered by serial killers (that's what I call medical doctors who prescribe deadly poisons to already sick people). Don Croft

My story is also unique in that, because of a tumultous past, I experienced no less than four and a half years of chronic depression which I assumed I would be battling with for the rest of my life. Only someone who has suffered from the heavy and excruciating agony of crippling depression for this long could possibly understand what it feels like and how difficult it is to have hope for recovery. After about a month of regularly using the Zapper for only an hour per day, I realized to my absolutely joyous surprise, that I felt great!! So light, relaxed, and serene. There was no heaviness, sluggishness, and "darkness" lingering in my body and mind. For the first time in nearly five years, I felt free as a person. I could wake up feeling light and peaceful, enjoy a whole day with perhaps just a few fleeting feelings of depression (old habits trying to come back, unsuccessfully I might add!), and then I could go to bed still feeling light and clear in my body and mind. I have been using the device for about six months and I can still report this same wonderful freedom within myself. I never thought I would be writing a testimonial like this because I've never gotten results like this from anything. Thank God, literally! This device is a true miracle and I am forever grateful. Thank you to the inventor with all my heart. Keep doing great work, there are so many that need this device! God bless you! With my love and respect, (Sedona, AZ)
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Zapper has stopped every day bleeding from fibroids for 9 days so far (testimonial due in).

We came up with this model a year later. I replied to the first letter to ask if this person knew of anyone who had fybromyalgia, since I wanted to track the effectiveness of Terminators on that illness (fibromyalgia was suddenly endemic shortly after the chemtrail program got going full steam). She replied that ĎOh, yes, I had that, too, and now itís gone.í Since then others have reported that their fybromyalgia was cured by a T. Before the T, I had seen little success curing that with former models, even the Orgone generator model (the T also has an orgone generator).
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Don, Just wanted to let you know that I dearly love my Terminator. My FMS  seems to have gone into remission, but the greatest blessing is the energy I  have.  I've had CFS for years, and I've been too weak and tired to get a full load of dishes into the dishwasher at one standing. But the other day, I did a 12-hour "white tornado" number in the house, lifting and carting big bags of trash to the curb--a complete impossibility for me before--applying lots of elbow grease in the bathrooms and kitchen, etc. I held up great!
    The only  bad thing I did was expose myself to noxious cleaning chemicals for three hours, for which I paid with a grand headache. But even after all that work, my body still felt energized.
I have wanted to leave my body for a long time, because it has not been a pleasant place to be. But I find myself now sitting in it, thinking, "It feels great to have a body to be in." Even when my muscles were sore from all that housework, I felt glad to be alive. I know it's this Terminator. It's AWESOME!
    Oh, and my sister just reported to me on her experiences with her Terminator, which she just got. She's been a fibromyalgia sufferer for more than a decade, and over the last three months she's had this extremely painful place on her arm (the doctors told her it was "tennis elbow") that has not responded to anything, not even morphine. I heard from her this morning and she said, after 24 hours with the Terminator, the pain had diminished 80%! And she's an extremely skeptical sort. She was happily floored. So keep up the good work!---Diane
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Hepatitis C
Hello Don! I had ordered a zapper from one of your distributors almost a month ago and my health has gotten dramatically better! I thought I better let you know how things are going and give you an update. I've noticed so many improvements that I hardly know where to start! I'll try list them out and make sense at the same time. Just for the record, I'm 41 and female.
    My sinuses cleared up with a "ping" and a "whoosh" right at the 20 minute mark the first time I wore the zapper. That alone was worth the price of the unit! I haven't been able to breathe out of both nostrils for over 20 years! But wait! There's more! I've had warts and skin tags just fall off - no scars, no pain, nothing! My body doesn't smell "funky" when I wake up in the morning anymore. The chronic yeast infections I've suffered from for over a decade are GONE! My belly button is clear (not constantly yeasty or raw despite medications, cleaning, etc), my tongue isn't coated with a thick white layer of yuck like it always was, and best of all, my reproductive system is functioning normally again (for the first time in my life). My last period was only 3 painfree days (instead of the usual week of heavy clotting and cramps) and no PMS! Sorry - I know that's probably more information than you probably wanted, but I thought this might help some other poor woman who suffers every month like I did.
    I have no more acne, zits, bumps, cysts, or sores of any kind, any where, any more! My face is clean and fresh looking (this is a BIG deal for me!) And I sleep solid the whole night through. Ever since I've started wearing the zapper, I've experienced some very interesting dreams, by the way. My food and caffeine cravings have disappeared. My gums aren't swollen or bleeding anymore. I have several crowns that I must be allergic to, but even the swelling and tenderness around those fake teeth have gone away.
    And finally, the main reason I bought the zapper in the first place, was to get rid of the Hepatitus C virus I've carried around for approximately 16 years. I've worn it no less than 22 hours a day, 7 days a week since the evening of October 3rd, 2002 (with the exception of one weekend, see below). So far I've noticed that my energy has come back where I was always tired before. My eyes are clear and WHITE where they used to be yellowish and bloodshot all the time! I will have myself retested for the virus and get a viral load this Friday, the 1st of November. The viral load test will tell you how much of the virus is in your blood per ml. The last test I had done was back in March and my viral load was over 3 million. As soon as the results come back, I'll email you to let you know. My hope is that the results will be "virus not detected" but I will still be happy if the viral load is cut in half. At least that means the zapper is getting rid of it.
    I wanted to order 7 more units for my friends and family. My mother is a Type II diabetic and suffers from high blood pressure. She also has severe, crippling arthritus in both hands and feet, name it. I did loan the zapper to her over a weekend and she wore it in a sock, on her hand, overnight. She called me the next day so excited, she could hardly talk! She said that the swelling in her hand was down, it didn't hurt, and she could make a fist! My mother hadn't been able to do that or pick anything up with that hand for over 5 years! I know that she will feel so much better with your zapper!
Thank you for changing my life! ---------Susan  
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Now for a testimony. In December I saw a patient that has Hepatitis C.  She did not want to tell me about her illness at first but as she talked to me she began to trust me. Then I was able to tell of the zapper. I gave her the website and she read. Next time she was in the office she said she wanted to give the zapper a try. I gave her the instructions to do it 24/7 for a month then to zap at night for a few hours.
 She has had viral load tests done every 4 to 6 months to track the disease. The one done in the 4th quarter of 2008 had a viral load of 2.8 million IU. Last week I gat a call with the latest load test. It is now 13640! [2009 march] Hepatitis C Zapper Cure Testimonial 


[EW Oct 2007] An Interesting Implant Experience

Lyme Disease
I have been very sickly all my short life, I'm only 26 right now and just a few short years ago I was very near the end of my days suffering with Lyme Disease. It wasn't until I bought myself a Terminator from you [Carol Croft] and your husband that I was able to make a complete turn around for the better. I was completely bed ridden, lost my job, and in tremendous pain. Slowly, after a couple of months of constant use I started to feel better! I can't put in to words how grateful I am for you and your husband, as I would not be here today. Please pass that on to Don, as I felt that I needed to let both of you know how much you've helped me. I'd like to show my gratitude to you and Don and to let both of you know that you are both doing incredible work and changing lives...if you already didn't know that!
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

Malaria [See: Malaria.]
Dr Yahya Sekagye, when I met him in Uganda, had malaria and he cured it in a few days with a basic zapper that I gave him."--Don Croft

When i was in Congo for the first time i got affected by malaria but i only used the zapper i never consult any medical Doctor and now i am well. [2010 Oct EW] Orgonite in Congo!

Mental imbalances
Brain parasites can probably account for most of the mental imbalances that Westerners are experiencing and it's pretty clear, by now, that brain parasites are enabled by the use of antibiotics, which make the colon wall permeable so that parasites that are normally content to live in the digestive tract are then free to migrate to greener pastures, such as the brain, liver, pancreas, heart, lungs, sinuses, joints, muscles, etc., where they generate an ion-deficient energy field that further enhances their position and numbers. YOu can bet that the shrinks don't want that news to get out.--Don Croft (Nov 2006)

Then this real nice guy where I work, MS, who everyone likes, was to the point where he could no longer control his swallow, and would choke, start sneezing uncontrollably, and end up sneezing blood after three spoons of his food. It was not pretty.  He'd been doing that for a week or so, and one day I asked him if he'd like to put the zapper on a few times and see if it did anything. At this point he had no movement in his legs or his left arm. His left hand was always in a ball, and he had limited use of his right hand. He could not raise his right hand to his mouth. So I put the zapper on him for a few hours whenever I was working. After three times of doing this, I was walking past his room one night, where he usually lay with legs straight out, and he had drawn them up!
    He never sneezed any more blood- feeding him was less of a problem. One day when I came to work he was waggling his fingers at me. It took me a minute to understand he was showing me that all his fingers were working properly again. After several months his left fist began to have some squeeze- now he can shake your hand with an honest grip (you have to put the hand around yours). He can hurt you when you shake his right hand and scratch the back of his head with it as well. He can pull his left arm in a bit, when it has been moved out, and pronate it. He sometimes says a few words in the morning.    
But I am no longer allowed to even bring a zapper into my 'resident-centered' institution. I am now very close to losing my job because of it. I am disillusioned with our healthcare at this point. It seems to have been taken over by the 'Rules Ghouls'. :-) Perhaps I can help you guys change that?

Fifteen years ago, she and I were in an auto accident. Among other things, her foot was crushed and had to be reconstructed with surgery, pins, etc. Pretty much, it never healed and the pain continued. She is a single mother of three. Her entire life was defined by the degree of pain in her foot. She could not go barefoot or wear regular shoes...nothing but Birkenstocks, and still much pain. Sleep was often difficult and being a public school music teacher, she was on her feet all day, usually returning with agonizing pain. Her only relief was Celebrex..which carried a mighty punch in other areas. She got her Terminator, put it on her foot, and in 20 minutes the PAIN WAS GONE. I could hardly believe it because we talk almost daily and always the conversation went to how her foot was doing. This was a week before her school started and she did fine being on her feet during the day. She wore it 24 hours a day.
    Then, she began to respond that the soreness was coming back and we thought, oh no, here it comes, just a temporary fix. She then put a new battery in, and Voila! no pain as long as she keeps the battery fresh and wears it 24 hours a day. Small price to pay.
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

I have proof that the claims you make about the parasite eliminating results from the use of your Terminator are true. True, that is, with a capital T! A local healer has a dark field/ phase microscope with a video attachment. A live blood sample before use of the Croft Zapper showed an astounding number and varied kinds of parasites, bugs and junk in one drop. Yuck...These little critters were active and apparently happy,as they reproduce profusely. A parasite polka party IN MY BLOODSTREAM !
    After a few days use of your Terminator, I had my blood drawn and examined again. BLOOD LIKE SPRINGWATER! No bugs ,cleaner than was believeble. Don I would not have believed how effective your zapper is if I had not seen with my own eyes and blood.  After 30 minutes of searching the blood sample I did find one lone parasite. However he looked sick,depressed, and in need of a support group. Thank you for a truly wonderful and incredibly effective product. Dennis Griffin, Charleston, S.C.
[EW May 2005] General Zapper FAQ, testimonials, etc

One gentleman was using the zapper and doing a ionic foot bath when 20 or so white worms (looked like thin white pin worms) started coming out of the tops of each of his feet.  We took a plastic knife and touched them in the wate  
    on his foot while they were coming out and they would suck back into his feet.  He has now purchased a zapper.    Another lady used the zapper at our center, and about an hour later when she got home a white worm came out her nose. About an inch long.  She came back and bought a zapper and continues to use it.     One more lady had been diagnosed with lung parasites.     She came and held the zapper at our center then drove home.     On the way home just before she arrived her nose started to bleed.     She pulled in her driveway and ran into the bathroom at her house.    In the bathroom a long 4 inch white worm came out of her nose.     Since then she has been told the lung parasite is gone.
    She feels that is what came out of her nose.  She then bought a zapper of her own. [EW 2009 March] Freaky Zapped-Worms Testimonials

Radiation poisoning
"By the way, orgonite apparently prevents and even cures radiation poisoning. The reason I say that is that when Carol, Reno Richard and I were gifting the underground bases in and around Fallon, Nevada, three summers ago, the dust where we camped in the desert one night was obviously radioactive. Carol's nose bled from breathing it all night but none of us had the telltale metallic taste in our mouths, perhaps because we were wearing our Harmonic Protectors. Eight years ago I started putting orgonite in my zappers and a customer in Romania reported that a patient of his who was dying from the effects of radiation poisoning (also lung cancer) completely recovered in a few weeks, just from using the zapper. The patient had survived as one of the cleanup crew at Chernyobyl, but got sick after that and was on his deathbed when he started zapping. I think radioactive plutonium was injected in my left arm the night six of us across the US (including DB in Pasadena and StanMan in South Carolina) were marked on our chest with poison needles and otherwise molested. I was in Idaho."--Don Croft  

A few in our little peer group had developed cancer from radiological poisoning but orgonite quickly neutralizes radioactive material, thankfully, so they were quickly healed when they used their zappers. The first case I encountered of orgonite in a zapper curing radiation sickness was 7 years ago when a guy in Romania, who was on his deathbed with the sickness, years after having worked on a cleanup crew at Chernobyl, completely healed within a few weeks from zapping. [Dec 2005] Overcoming Chemical/Biological/Radiological Weapons Assaults For the Duration by Don Croft

Snake bite
On the way to that spot, I was bitten by a rattlesnake and the wound was bleeding. I had a sense that I was going to be fine, so I continued on around the giant sandstone outcrop to find Ryan (and the two other fellows) and when I got back to the Jeep I was going to put my zapper on the snakebite to take care of the poison, which is what happened. [Aug 10, 2004] Juicing at the Devil's Punchbowl, Part 2 by Don Croft