Etheric Warriors Ad Policy


If you don’t see an Ad under the “Text Ad from our Sponsors” heading on the home page, and/or a small banner add (180×150 px) at the upper right side of each of our pages at the top of the far right column, then you are very likely blocking our Supporter Vendor’s ads via Adblock Plus or other methods. We humbly ask that you allow us to show you ads from our Vendor Supporters as we rely on the modest income that they provide to support this site.
We hereby pledge that we will NEVER serve you crass, and annoying, ads. Our ads will be compliant with Adblock Plus’s Acceptable Ads Policy.

To allow our ads explicitly, please click on the abp_30x30 icon at the right of your browser’s URL selector and disable blocking ads for this site.

Thank you :-)

–Azti (the webmaster)