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Techniques to watch out for
September 20, 2016
5:58 am
Forum Posts: 339
Member Since:
April 30, 2010

This particular technique is growing and shows to Me that the CIA/NSA et al are getting desperate to push researchers down the wrong path when looking into using Orgonite 

as a healing tool.  The basic technique is to load up THE SITE with a real empowering video featuring say Don or Carol and Dooney talking about Orgonite and Personal protection 

techniques etc.  However right under the video will be some useless piece of clear resin sprinkled with a pinch of plastic glitter along with huge quartz crystals but no or very little metal

in it.  Iow completely useless other than as an expensive handsome looking paperweight.  Further down the page will be loaded with Don's and others legitimate writings about Orgonite and will

even include links to eW's, crystal insights worldwithoutparasites etc.  Everything is done to make the site appear completely legitimate without showing what a real powerful Orgonite piece

looks like..Just to push People into making Orgonite with no or very little metal in it.  The rest of the site will be filled up usually with worthless glass or plastic jewellery from CHINA.


These techniques are getting all to common and are no different than trying to find a real piece of Orgonite, loaded with metal, on FACEBOOK.  To Me this is a sign of desperation and makes Me

very happy, leaping for joy to know that We are getting closer to winning everyday!

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Carlos Silva, Cyclingflinger, fran
September 20, 2016
5:26 pm
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3869
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

Thanks for posting that, Gare, and for the effective critique.  The 'glitter in resin' scam has been around for a few years but this is a new twist.  One of the foundational disinformation claims is that crystals do the work in orgonite and this one's evidently in play on that website, if only by inferrence.    

In fact, as you say, the volume of disinformation has been increasing as orgonite approaches the threshold of general awareness.  Maybe we should brace ourselves for new problems that will no doubt confront us after that but I'm not worried because we've evidently been well protected and well directed by The Operators and I don't see why that wouldn't continue. Meanwhile, I like the relative obscurity because nearly all of the people who eventually find me after wading through NSA/Google/Youtube's featured list of poseurs  are solid and ready to commit to this effort.

Last week, a newly high-profile disinformant has taken an entirely new tack and I'm watching this new trend.  This one actually makes and sells passable orgonite but diligently avoids mentioning any of us or the forum.  The main thrust of the disinformation content seems to be in support of the chemtrail fear porn purveyors and when this person said the word, 'etheric,' in passing it looked like he/she had strayed from the script (it looked like a teleprompter was being used) and I saw a rather frantic expression for a brief moment after that Cool

I'm often amazed by the way 'answering back' to tactics and specific disinformation on our obscure forum has such a powerful effect; the enemy are usually forced to change their tactics after that.  

One illustrative case comes to mind:  many years ago, a woman who lived very nearby had suddenly gained prominence on a very high profile, international disinformation forum by plagiarizing several orgonite experiment reports on EW.  We think she was put in place to draw us into some sort of internet cat fight but we rather invited her over, took her to lunch a couple of times, took her out on the lake to drop some more earthpipes on the underground base and generally tried to befriend her.  She immediately disappeared from that popular forum and we never heard from her again Wink

September 20, 2016
9:53 pm
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
January 14, 2009

So.. does that mean if anyone visits one of the websites in question, then they'll be referred here, which means they'll read this thread.. ? That can't be a good disinfo strategy.


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Edu, Mrs O
September 21, 2016
2:17 am
Forum Posts: 1772
Member Since:
December 22, 2007

It’s the best they’ve got, I reckon. They’re fighting a desperate rearguard action, which will soon turn to rout.

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Edu, Mrs O

"O ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose, not only the tyranny, but the tyrant, stand forth!" Thomas Paine 

September 23, 2016
5:35 am
Forum Posts: 80
Member Since:
February 12, 2016

i was reading on one of those sights last week where the guy was claiming you dont need metal shavings in orgonite anymore. He said it used to be necessary but the orgonite Don croft makes is now inferior. He didn't say why there was all of a sudden a change in the laws of quantum physics, but only that Don's orgonite was inferior to his because it had too much metal in it. He further went on to claim Don is a DID mind controlled slave and Carol is his handler and is a NSAtanic psychic and has been replaced with a clone. What bullshit! I couldn't stop laughing. People will try and say anything to discredit a genuine movement that's making a difference. people like the previously mentioned disinfo guy is probably why i keep seeing towers that have had orgonite flung near them but aren't completely flipped.

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Mrs O
October 7, 2016
7:31 am
Forum Posts: 80
Member Since:
February 12, 2016

i was looking at a bunch of websites today that claimed to sell orgonite. 99% of the stuff i saw had little to no metal in it at all. even on ebay most of it was full of nothing but stones. for some reason this inspired me to maybe set up a website to sell real orgonite; maybe sell it on ebay would be the easiest thing if i could somehow make the buyers understand that most of the other vendors are selling crap without slandering the good ones.

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Mrs O, Carlos Silva
October 7, 2016
8:56 pm
Forum Posts: 242
Member Since:
November 3, 2013
A couple of weeks ago i was adding content to my site and decided i had to do a review for the spanish market to counteract 
all the fakers. I need to do another one soon since there are a couple more artist i need to bring people attention to.
I called that article Field Orgonite: Maximum benefit at minimum cost.
I will only copy the pertinent parts related to Gare´subject:
I wanted to simply write a post about the advantages and importance of simple field orgonite such as Towerbusters and 
HHG Cones to adress the ever growing invasion of disinfo sites and artist, always appearing in the first positions of Google/NSA/DARPA 
search engines, and who offer badly made orgonite, expensive, ineffective to confuse about something as simple as field orgonite 
that has been used for over 14 years successfully with same results in all continents by an sponataneous and disorganized movement
 inspired by the ideas of Don and Carol Croft who i had the pleasure to meet personally.
So, bringing rains where there was drought, heal natural spaces, balance the atmosphere, improve crop biomass in agriculture
 without extra efforts, disable the death tower network radiation which many still presume carries only cell phone traffic but 
it is a directed weapon against people and the atmosphere, neutralise  predatory attitudes and psychopathic behaviours by 
certain individuals, all this has been and is achieved by the simple gifting of field orgonite. The whole worldwide effort of 
the gifting movement has been mainly done with towerbusters and HHG Cones.
Therefore, it has never been necessary to add special stuff to orgonite and many actually spoil the pieces by wanting to add 
to much sutff or bad mineral combinations. Some disinfo artists have been forced to actually mention orgonite gifting at their 
sites even pretending to offer orgonite for that purpose or bodly claiming their orgonite is the most potent in the world lol.
However some claim to offer such expensive things as gold for gifting pieces which are very decorative but have very little 
metal in them (ineffective and costly) and do not even mention where to place them, the gifting targets themselves!
Most dont even mention the gifting work, nor the orgonite history and how it came to be waht it is today. They make stuff up, 
fairy tales about Gaia´s gift to humanity and they mix it with a lot of New age-cheap theosophy. This is one of the main disinfo
 tactics, to mix orgonite with a faith, religion. It sounds as if you almost have to place the orgonite in some type of altar as if it 
was a lucky charm. In Fact, there was a famous TV comedy that did just that and it has been shown repeteadly to pound the
 meme into people´s unconcious that orgonite= belief= New Age.
Another disinfo tactic is to sound very complicated to discourage people to try and make orgonite themselves. They tell you 
you can use this but not that, sugar is a good substitute, use cement, but do it only this way and not that way... All of it fake 
of course.
Others try to sell you the idea that before making orgonite you have to clean, charge the crystals, meditate, pray and what not. 
To this i answer that if Hitler and Mao got together, got drunk and made orgonite according to the instructions (metal/resin and crystal) , 
they would make effective orgonite!!!
What a surprise! So, you only have to respect the formula and it has nothing to do with your belief or intention. It just works 
by the combination of its elements. Granted that when you do a job, any job, it is great to be focused and concentrated at it 
since you will probably be more efficient at it and avoid making mistakes but to sell it as something completaly required and 
necessary there s quite a distance.
So as we can see, everyone makes them with much ´groovy love´, all are very special and will bring you any wish... and i 
question myself, But do they actually work?? This should be the most important thing.
Others simply abuse colors and introduce shiny stuff that is not even metal and leave the pieces very empty off it which makes 
them worthless. You will have a big organic piece (all resin) which will actually only accumulate energy to it because the 
inorganic element(metal) is missing and will not be able to revert the ambience energy the piece is in. There are many 
subscribers to decorum but ineffective style.
Some may at first be attractive on first sight since they have some machine made metal designs on top but that is about the 
only thing that seems coherent in the pieces. When you look closely you can see it is all colors, stones of any kind, shiny stuff 
all mixed in whatever way.
Some others seem to try to make the pieces as chaotic as possible with the same tendencies but looking really bad on purpose. 
Squashed copper spirals, dozens of stones and plastics inside, i even saw one that had a crow feather inside! How do you want 
to achieve any balance this way? my 3 year old daughter could do it much better. If at least these pieces were cheap but they are not!
If by miracle they actually mention something about gifting, they always throw out the idea that groups should be formed so
 that all buddies go out on excursions to do that. This not only makes it slow, it also is the best way to infiltrate and create 
disorder in the group by the fakers/agents.
If this movement has grown so much and so fast, it is precisely because any individual with a little money and great will has 
decided to spread orgonite without waiting for anyone to solve the issues. They took it upon themselves to simply get it done. 
Even if they gifted 20 or 30 pieces around their neighbourhood they have helped thousands of people around that area by 
reverting the death matrix in their locality. Of course there s nothing wrong if you get together with someone to gift, company 
can be much fun but it would be a good idea that they´d be your close family or friends or simply someone you know you can
 trust. There has been cases where the orgonite was removed because there was someone in the group spying to know where
 the pieces would be placed.
full article here

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Carlos Silva, Edward, Frode, Mrs O
October 7, 2016
9:18 pm
Carlos Silva
Forum Posts: 350
Member Since:
October 9, 2013
Others try to sell you the idea that before making orgonite you have to clean, charge the crystals, meditate, pray and what not. 
To this i answer that if Hitler and Mao got together, got drunk and made orgonite according to the instructions (metal/resin and crystal) , 
they would make effective orgonite!!!

Ahah :-P Yes, I make a similar point on my info pages... making orgonite is simple, like tying your shoes!

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Edward, Mrs O
October 9, 2016
3:44 pm
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
January 14, 2009

I saw some fake orgonite that was quite cleverly done. On the face of it, it looked like it had a sufficient amount of metal. But it wasn't metal shavings at all, instead it was thin metal pins and stuff like that, metal that doesn't have any curvature at all. Didn't feel good.

These fake pieces supposedly had good reviews on the product page, but I can only surmise that the reviews are fake too.

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Mrs O
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