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Alternatives to Google, Facebook and reclaiming privacy
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December 30, 2016
10:04 am
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May 21, 2011

This is a interesting delivery of information and discussion for privacy and security. It may be pertinent for those who have experienced sabotage or dont fell secure.

The artcile encompasses the possible alternatives for mail, messaging, social platforms, forums, and Operating Sytem.

I am giving protomail the swiss secure anonymous mail provider.






[–] redditfuckingsucksyo 16 points (+17|-1) 12 hours ago 

Fantastic post, forcing old social media that has betrayed the people to die by embracing new social media will be how we win this war.



[–] Picard 9 points (+9|-0) 10 hours ago 

As long as you have family, friends, and can a manage your business without social media of any kind I suggest doing so. At this point I'm calling a social media a failure of technology as it simplifies life in such a way that makes us stupid by default.



[–] TheTrigger 4 points (+4|-0) 8 hours ago  (edited 7 hours ago)

It really is, though (a failure). We've tried and tested it so many times, and each and every single time it's ended in the exact same demise. Facebook had the luck of growing to a worldwide entity (read: astronomical profits, compared to every similar business before them) and it STILL succumbed to the same forces that wrecked all of its predecessors. Albeit, delayed b y their massive cash reserves, they're still going to fail. All the signs are there.

We're all numb to this cycle, by now. Hell, it's the reason most of us are on voat— hands up: who started on Slashdot, or even SA (I'm sure there's older sites out there, that I've since-forgotten because it was so long ago), before ending up here?

Let's face it: people were meant to interact in person. Maybe that's why FB's pushing so hard in the VR market; because, they know no one's going to subsist on anonymous text, alone. That way, if they can get "online friends" to at least get interactive, VR avatars talking to each other, they might be able to survive for at least a couple more decades before they inevitably crash-and-burn.



[–] B3nder 2 points (+2|-0) 7 hours ago 

social media free since 2012 and happy with it



[–] animalchin 0 points (+0|-0) 5 hours ago 

"Don't Be Evil" Hmm, really makes you think.



[–] fiddleheader 3 points (+3|-0) 10 hours ago 

Also Qubes OS, the OS that Snowden uses:



[–] Dark_Shroud [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago 

At the moment I was just listing mobile but I guess its time for desktop OSs now.



[–] roundhouse1776 3 points (+3|-0) 11 hours ago 

This is a really great post. I've already been using startpage as my default search engine, but now I'm going to use Brave as my main web browser as well. Time to cut Google and the other traitors out completely.



[–] caprep 3 points (+3|-0) 13 hours ago 

Keep in mind, National Security Letters and warrants can be served to any US company. Smaller companies may be less likely to be involved in dragnet surveillance, but it isn't perfect.



[–] Rigg5 2 points (+2|-0) 10 hours ago  (edited 10 hours ago)

Hear me out- Our government was ALWAYS tracking us and feeding us lies. So, with that in mind, making it a LAW is similar to the first step in AA. Acceptance. The establishment has Accepted and Admitted that they want full censorship. This essentially legitimizes the conversation. I will choose to look at this as a win, because SO many people have been red-pilled already. This will force people to go offline and spread Truth in the level of personability that in many ways is much more powerful than a messageboard on the internet and can carry real movement. Make fliers, billboards, posters, graffiti... They can't make us forget what we already know. Now is the time for the information to spread at a community level.



[–] Raps1 2 points (+2|-0) 10 hours ago 

I'd add that is another alternative for secure messaging and email. They operate out of Iceland.

I use both Palemoon, and the Light browser. It's a Firefox fork without any of the overhead contained within Firefox. It supports most of the FF addons, but it is truly light and you do have to configure it with ffmpeg to play media.

May as well throw in some addons that are useful. uMatrix because it allows for more control than NoScript, and uBlock because, while there is some overlap with uBlock, they work beautifully together and replace a host of other addons.

Decentralize is another important addon. It redirects requests to all of Google's "free" stuff like jQuery, web fonts, etc., locally to your computer.

Adding lists to your host file is another method of blocking unwanted sites. You can also do this with OpenDNS. If you do own your router, you can block sites for the household. People are surprised when they access your wifi and discover that ads are non-existent in apps ;)



[–] fiddleheader 2 points (+2|-0) 10 hours ago 

Palemoon rocks on any machine, but especially on older machines. Running on a 7yo netbook and it's as snappy as any browser on any new computer. Everything that's good about firefox w/o the bloat.



[–] TheTrigger 0 points (+0|-0) 7 hours ago  (edited 7 hours ago)

I've been running Pale Moon for months. Sometimes, I just leave it running for weeks on end; without actually closing out of the browser (just minimizing it, when not in use) and right now it's at ~350MBs with a bunch of tabs open. It's been running non-stop for a few days. I remember having to restart Firefox every few hours, during heavy use, 'cause it would sometimes end up using almost all of my RAM. To the point that even the OS UI would lag.

Basically: it's everything FF should have been.



[–] Dark_Shroud [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 8 hours ago 

I literally just gave someone a link to µMatrix over on edit.

I was already thinking that I'll probably have to write a guide for the browsers.



[–] CommiePatrol 1 points (+1|-0) 6 hours ago 

How do you feel about Edge browser?



[–] TheJesusDude 1 points (+1|-0) 5 hours ago 

I'm curious about this. I have hardly used it but from what I have it was quick. But if your worry is privacy I'm pretty sure Windows 10 in general is no bueno.



[–] Dark_Shroud [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago 

I sort of like it, I still run into a few quirks here and there and the UI is still missing a few features/options.



[–] WeAreTheNewMedia 1 points (+1|-0) 9 hours ago  (edited 9 hours ago)

Awesome List! Thanks for linking to us @



[–] Dark_Shroud [S] 0 points (+0|-0) 3 hours ago 

This has already made some rounds so hopefully you guys get a nice traffic bump.
December 30, 2016
10:09 am
Forum Posts: 668
Member Since:
May 21, 2011

Here is a compendium from the website of Qubes OS  operating system. the article explains that computers hardware  are already built with weakness that have been used by hackers. It focuses on intel based chipsets. There are more articles there.

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