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White gloves and apron. Whacking on some 'legal masonry'
December 21, 2016
10:12 pm
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May 21, 2011

Take a tour inside their temple, very interesting. Also read thay gathered to celebrate Winter solstice, event as the Apprentice.


Illustrios Masons, Oliver Hardy!


This from on of the various lodges in twon, produces many pictographis, of their 'emulation' of the Great Elizabeth Temple in London



Photogallery of the equinox event, some of the who's who.


December 28, 2016
11:47 am
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May 21, 2011



December 28, 2016
11:58 am
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May 21, 2011

Edit - I posted above the gifting of the underground apogeus temple built by the Count Batthyany in the 1800's. 'Temple of night' Tempio della notte, which is now in disuse. Is know a Villa Finzi Gorla.

The history is written in this masonic lodge website (I archived the page, which is a practical way to retain info withouth directing traffic to exteernal website, it also presserves the info in case of any occourring deletion in the future).


(Another way to archive a page is to make a 'print to file' with your browser and choose the option .pdf)

The temple is a parc which now also hosts some local social services infrustructure of Milan's Gorla area. One arrives here from a dead end road, the parc perimeter borders with the railways and on side the canal Martesana, in the area of Gorla which takes the name after a village of the once celtic area of the Insubria, in the Nortwest toward the Ticino and Varese.

The temple is based partly underground, there is an external dome above which is covered in soil and trees, so it looks like a mound. There is circular opening on the top, it seems that it was built with the purpose to have the sunlight (or what about night time) to strike a point in the temple where there is the receptacle of a statue, altought when the temple was reopened for studies, there were no statues. The opening is acutally accessible from the opening which apparently was already blocked by the metal grate that is visible in the photo.

The photos shows that there are also parts of concrete and bricks, there are some holes.

The articles says it was found in 2005, but I doubt the so called masonic temple had just disappeared from previous history.

Talking about this area of Milan, there is a Carabinieri police station just next the wall where there is the temple mound, then next to the park beyond the canal there is a high school for catholics the Istituto Paolo VI, also a church to San Savio. Whilst going out to East at 300 meters from here there is the Piccoli Martiri square. It deserves mention that on the historic date of 20th of September 1944 an American allied bomber dropped some bombs and it killed 200 children. One teacher saved the lives of his pupils by rebelling against the will of the headteacher and by sending the pupils back to home during the alarm. This fact is part of the records of Milan, altough they dont normally mention the name of the teacher. His name was Silvio Consonni, my grand uncle who perished under the bombs togheter with the rest of the school.

Consonni is a local surname from the areas of the Brianza at the North of Milan. The wife of the teacher stills survives.

Regarding the bombing, there official version for the bombing is that the airplane had failed to bomb a target and had to return back to its base far away in South Italy, so since it needed to save the fuel consumption it had to get rid of the bomb. The question is, why there since at that time this area was almost a country village, the airplane could have just waited a few more seconds and drop the bomb literally in the empty fields.

This area never felt too good, I used 5 tbs for start, I am fidgeting for some earth pipes as well.

The following users say thank you to Silvius for this useful post:

January 4, 2017
2:47 pm
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May 21, 2011

I got half migrain attack after the last post and gifting. The same day some of that migrain was relieved by adding another couple of Towerbusters TM next the jesuit centre Leone XIII. Who run this operation really?

Next this park with the Temple of the night. 300 meter from here there is the Piccoli Martiri square where 200 pupils of a school and staff memebers were killed by a stray US bomber on 20 Sept 1944. Right.

After the war in a sinister way they erected a cloister monastery and creepy monument to the victim with its symbolic construction hint to the number 11 and death.

The altar of Convent of Santa Chiara is very geometric, below the madonna, there is a sort of temple painted in yellow, the upper part is like a pyramid pointing down it has an inverted 5 point star in yellow, and under the star 3 circles also yellow and on the sides there is a angular line like a zig zag (zig zag 33?) it is colored in 2 colors yellow and red (two polarity). SInce the upper triangle is the roof that rest on who pillars, this becomes a temple, which has at his centre a sun disk. If this was not enough, under this construcstion there is a large JHS jesut symbol, the andronginous star with the both the masculine and the feminine beams. (straight rays and bent rays). This altar wholly focuses on the lucifer the sun, and below the occult jesuits. Adding to this very peculiar geometric and symbolic altar, there is here a photo of the dark painting on the wall which depicts the 'massacre of the innocent' with on top the triangle of god but with the dove inverted pointing down, the holy spirit dove should not look straight for some reason?

I saw the door mat at the entrance has 7 triangles cut out in the rubber of the mat.






January 6, 2017
11:54 am
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Member Since:
May 21, 2011

This images gets fresh evidence of the identical sysmbolism proudly used by masons, jesuits, and satanists. Take a look, just trust your eyes not your programmed brains.

The two books reviewed one next to the other on the magazine Officinae. The pentacle under Feminine Masonry and the God Sun for the alchemical purposes of accumulating energy and then using it to transform.  Their link

Btw I posted new images on wordpress and realised that its in Amerika jurisdiction, where they exterminate indipendent scientists and researchers. I have taken asylum in US by dont plan to be suicided, thanks. There will be more images updates on the following subject uh!


In this link I also added some images from the Egyptian Museum inside the Castle Sforzesco of Milan, for cultural reasons, it is possible to see that at least in some period of Egypt the inside of mummy sarcophaguouse the person was depicted naked. The other is the phallic cult, one statue of a god is standing with his prick erected whilst a person of smaller size or perhaps a child is sitting kneled before the god. I found also this image cahllenging from the educational point of view. I am wondering what explanation can a father say to the question that may be asked by his son or daughter. But probably a child visiting the musuem has probably already reached a stage where he or she has stopped asking questions to adults. Yes?


So here are the pearls:


- outside of church north of Milan, to Saint Peter near Montevecchia sun star and inverted pentacle

- sun disks and pentacle and jesuit logo in Santa Chiara at the Piccoli Martiri massacre square

- masonic book with inverted pentacle title Feminine Masonry and masonic book called Divo Sole (Sun God)

- ST George church in the Castle of Vigoleno with naked cherub boy indicating to shut up and next to him the candle has a inverted cross made with golden pomes.



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