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Bali Gifting
July 31, 2007
6:09 pm
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3863
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

I asked Carol to track the overall distribution, to date, of Dan's large scale orgonite drops in the sea, the latest of which were 350 unloaded enroute on the ferry from Bali to Java, recently.

He had asked me to check whether it was important to ring the island of Bali with orgonite but when Carol asked to see his  orgonite on the seabed she saw the region for about fifty miles all around Bali lit up with dots of light--one dot corresponding with one orgonite device.  I thanked her and went back to work, then she came into the office to say that when she looked beyond that perimeter she saw more lights out to a hundred miles, then concentrations of lights around two underwater volcanos, about 200 miles from Bali.

 I felt gratified, for Dan, that the dolphins apparently honored his intention of ringing the island thoroughly, though they perhaps also did that because the world odor have been trying  so hard (at least until Dan reversed their local agenda) to turn Bali from a paradise to hell on earth.  Dan said that it's not within his means to buy or hire a boat to do the sea gifting around the island, after all, which is why he's been dropping it all from piers, ferries and (in the north) motorized canoes.

While a reputable psychic's impressions, alone, shouldn't be considered scientific evidence it can be considered a very respectable, even essential part of a larger body of empirical evidence when it's combined with others' visual and sensory perceptions, like the systematic disappearance of smog over the sea, the return of healthy, busy tropical skies/weather and a general improvement in ambience in the region beyond the island.

 Many of us, of course, use these psychics' impressions and advice as 'battlefield intelligence' and strategic/tactical guidance and it usually pays off.

 I can foresee schools for gifted psychics that will be entirely divorced from the irrationalist, CIA/MI6 default metaphysical paradigm (Theosophy; newage sewage) and more aligned with rational, detached and heart-centered examination of reality.  It's starting here, apparently, and Dan's ongoing experiment is on the cutting edge of new research.






August 1, 2007
9:31 am

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">Thanks Don and thanks to Carol for ‘seeing’ what became of the nearly 1,500 TBs that I dumped in little heaps in the sea around Bali.</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">It seems that the Dolphins and Whales have distributed them widely and efficiently; partly in accordance with my wishes (to disable the under-water HAARP facilities) and partly following their own agenda.</font> <p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"></font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">In addition to Carol’s intel; I’ve made my own observations that confirm her findings and many of them have been posted here over the weeks.</font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"></font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">Since the last TB-drop from the Java ferry, the chemtrail program here has been stepped-up greatly with more planes and saturation spraying on a daily basis; usually starting around mid morning and gaining in intensity until sunset when they turn in for the night.</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">A military ship was seen anchored for 24 hours off the famous resort beach of Kuta and HAARP clouds reported in the area during its deployment.</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"> </font> <p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">Apparently Carol confirmed the presence of a naval ship and said that it was using nuclear-powered HAARP transmitters to compensate for the lack of terrestrial facilities in the region which lends credibility to the report (and confirms the regional collapse of their HAARP capabilities).</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"> </font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><img src="" border="0" alt="Clouds, Kites and Chem-crud" title="Clouds, Kites and Chem-crud" width="600" height="255" />

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">This is the worst it got at about midday today when they mysteriously stopped spraying.</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">Certainly the heavy chem-spraying around the island would seem to be almost totally ‘unsupported’ by microwave transmitters; the trails initially become invisible before the plane laying them has passed but with constant over-flights, they can eventually effect a temporary grey-out but only by continuously replenishing the spew (which disappears totally within an hour of the last trail being laid).</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">The clouds aren’t unduly affected (a little broken at their edges perhaps) and the wind never drops in spite of the intensity of the spraying (I counted three chem-planes spraying simultaneously above my house yesterday in a frantic attempt to close the blue hole).</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">The chemicals don’t affect us any more than usual despite the increased quantity and just give us mild head-aches, stiff muscles and runny noses (and nothing that the Zapper can’t sort out).</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"> </font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">I don’t know what they’re hoping to achieve with this spraying but my guess is that they’re not getting the results they expected.</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"> </font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">If they’re trying to cause a drought then they’re failing (it rained this morning) and if they’re trying to effect a constant white-out and make us forget what a healthy sky looked like; they failed (the sky was gorgeous this morning).</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"> </font>

<p class="MsoNormal"><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3"><img src="" border="0" alt="Before they Started" title="Before they Started" width="600" height="318" /></font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">If they’re just trying to give us a mild head-ache then they can probably chalk up a resounding success (but that has to be one of the most expensive headaches on record).</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">As I advised in a previous post; if they really want to reduce the amount of orgone in the atmosphere, their best bet is to recall the planes and turn off their towers (but this will be too bitter a pill for them to swallow at this stage)</font>

<font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">.</font><font face="arial,helvetica,sans-serif" size="3">Edostar.</font><font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font><font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font>


August 3, 2007
10:39 pm

<font size="3">I was recently contacted by someone who has learned how to make orgonite here in Bali and he </font><font size="3">sent me this email a few days agol</font>

<font size="3">Don suggested that (coupled with my response) it would make an interesting mini-post so here it </font><font size="3">is:</font>

<font size="3">Fabrizio's email:</font>

<font size="3" color="#800000">...there was a military ship just in front of kuta beach. all day and night.
it was easy to identify as a military ship.
then in the night i saw the most terrificant sky of my life. all nubes
aligned in perfect half circles. do you know the usual picture of antenna
and its waves? exactely the same.
was it all natural? boat and nubes in the same day? today morning the sky
looked good but in the afternoon changed and appered dusty. i saw at least
two chemtrails, never dissolved on the contrary of many other normal
then this afternoon a military helicopter passed on kuta beach.
what's happening?</font>

<font size="3">And my reply:</font>

<font size="3" color="#800000">What I think is happening is this:
The orgonite I dumped in the sea in recent weeks (1,500 TBs so far) has been taken by the </font><font color="#800000"><font size="3">Dolphins and Whales to all the undersea HAARP platforms around the island.
This, coupled with the neutralisation of many of the towers on the island, has resulted in an </font><font size="3">'unsupported' chemtrail program (chemtrails need to be bombarded with microwaves from </font><font size="3">towers on land and platforms in the ocean in order to 'stick') and the program has been increased </font></font><font color="#800000"><font size="3">in response to their reduced HAARP capability in the area.
The military ship may have been carrying mobile microwave transmitters to replace the terrestrial </font><font size="3">facilities that my orgonite has disabled and this may be the reason that the chemtrails you saw </font></font><font color="#800000"><font size="3">stuck around for longer.
The 'dusty' sky you reported is just fading chemicals that appear grey in a blue sky as they aren't </font><font size="3">supported by microwaves from the ground anymore (if they were supported; the sky would go </font></font><font color="#800000"><font size="3">white and the wind would drop).
The sky over my house is the same; they've been spraying for days non-stop but can't cause a </font><font size="3">white-out; just pale blue and a little hazy (with many Sylphs working to clear the chemicals) which </font><font size="3">returns to its vibrant state again as soon as the spraying stops.</font></font>

<font size="3" color="#800000">---------------</font>

<font size="3">Interestingly enough; Carol confirmed later that there was indeed a naval ship anchored off Kuta </font><font size="3">beach and that it was carrying nuclear powered HAARP-tech to replace their crippled capability.</font>

<font size="3">Dan.</font>


October 20, 2007
8:08 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Since my last Bali Gifting report for EW; I’ve gifted rather more lightly than previously, mainly because I can’t think of anything to bust.

I have been gridding some of the residential areas of my local town Denpasar and busted a couple of new towers I noticed popping up here and there (notably the huge new ProXL cell phone tower in the heart of town).

I also surrounded the perimeter of the International airport closely with TBs (paying particular attention to the radar which is conveniently sited hard up against the public access to the car park).

I was rewarded with a visit from a black helicopter the next day and it’s been persistently cloudy ever since (echoes of Onder).

Traditionally the monsoon season doesn’t begin before the end of November in this part of Indonesia although there are quite wide annual variations; this is mid October and we’ve already had some gentle rainfall, usually during the early hours of the morning.

The rains usually spread down from the far west of the archipelago during the months of the rainy season but although the weather satellite shows moisture across the whole region; reports from my friend in Jakarta attest to a constant HAARP white-out and no rain for months.

At four this morning I awoke to the now familiar sound of gentle rain and by five it was raining more convincingly so I checked the weather site and found this:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This is very amusing and I hope we get many more of these ‘bullet-holes’ in the data on global warming and advancing drought as the monsoons unfold but only time will tell whether these readings are more than coincidence.

I should point out that to my knowledge, Bali and the east coast of Java are the only places in Indonesia that have been gifted at all (although I am in contact with a tentative new gifter in Bekasi, Jakarta).

If anywhere needs Orgonite; Jakarta does; a friend just returned from four months in the city and reported white skies with no recognizable cloud, no rain and no wind.

He didn’t see the blue sky once in all the time he was there.


October 25, 2007
5:13 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Since I posted that last report; the house has been visited three times by the black helicopter and it’s flown regularly over Edo Star’s school (which is heavily gifted now) and all I can think that he’s doing is taking some kind of reading or measurement.

This is the latest Moisture reading from the NRL site:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Which seems to show another anomaly but one that contrasts sharply with the images I posted last time.

If the rampant chem-spraying over the island is anything to go by then the moisture gap in this image could be intentionally created.

They’ve been spraying constantly for days against the persistent cloud-cover over Bali and by the looks of things they need to.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

If they stop for more than an hour; the health of the sky returns along with the clouds.

This was taken earlier and is typical of the sky upon resumption of the attack after a short break around dawn:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Healthy clouds around the perimeter of the shot and some cloud being rapidly reinstated by a Sylph in the centre.

A curiosity is that it seems to be raining regularly up in the mountains, judging by the quantity of water flowing down the rivers.

The HAARP drought in Jakarta seems to have inexplicably broken last Sunday when, according to my contact in the city, quite heavy rain fell for the first time in ages (but I imagine that it was a mistake and is unlikely to happen again very soon).


October 30, 2007
7:18 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Here in Bali the chem-spraying is pretty much incessant now against the clouds that form and the reasons for allowing rainfall in other parts of the country is slowly becoming apparent.

In east Java (this end of the island and not far from the CB) there have been more whirlwinds that have caused much damage in localized areas but perhaps not surprisingly, the area near my Father-in-law’s house (where all the towers have been disabled and a CB is deployed) was unaffected.

In Makassar on the island of Sulewesi; the sky is dense with chemicals and people are surprised to see a circular rainbow around the Sun which is visible through the aerosol layer.

As in Java last year; this has been interpreted by the ‘meteorologists’ as a portent of doom.

In Java they said that whirlwinds would occur on a certain date in the near future (they were right) and in Makassar, the current prediction is that catastrophic and imminent floods will occur and the locals are packing their bags and heading into the mountainous interior to avoid this apocalyptic scenario (I’ll let you know if this prediction also comes true).

Now, we all know that the rainbow around the sun is simply the sun’s rays being refracted through the unnaturally even layer of chemicals which have been deliberately sprayed from ('all together now') white, unmarked aircraft of ‘unknown’ origin.

The somnambulistic population are (incredibly) still unaware that this is going on and have come to accept the stable white skies as ‘normal’ these days.

With all the towers still producing DOR; the chemicals stick around constantly and probably don’t need much replenishing and when they do, the planes are masked by the chemical haze (perpetuating the fiction that it just appears by itself).

What the New World Shitbags hate about orgonite and CBs is that it restores the blue skies where their crimes are clearly visible to anyone with a mind to look upwards.

I wonder how much of this has to do with the forthcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali. 3-14th December 2007.


From what I see on TV news footage from around the country; Bali and the extreme east end of Java are the only places left that can boast blue skies and the shitbags (however hard they try) can’t seem to do anything about it.


October 31, 2007
2:03 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Just a quickie to show you this pointed TB (the Lawn Buster) for burying in reasonably soft ground without needing to dig a hole or hitting it in with a hammer (eath pipe style); just tread it in with the heel of your boot.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

It's cast in a twist of paper which I supported inside a short length of plastic pipe.

This one contains a Cesco coil and a small DT crystal but of course the ingredients for a regular TB would do fine.


November 13, 2007
7:59 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I’d like to revisit for a moment the Dolphin gifting that I reported earlier in this thread and highlight not only the formidable initial confirmations (torrential rain across the island for ten days straight) but the hugely consolidating effect it’s had on the gifting that I’d done previously.

The effects seem to extend over a wide area and this was confirmed by Carol who saw that the Dolphins had taken my TBs up to 200 miles across the ocean floor to the undersea platforms (in accordance with my wishes) and also to sites of seismic activity (following their own separate agenda).

During this phase of gifting Bali, Don said that ‘the more ammo I give them the more work they can do’ and this simple piece of logic was responsible for my nearly doubling the quantity of TBs I dumped in heaps around the island.

It must be said that although I see little more to do in terms of gifting Bali on dry land; the gifting of the ocean is still very much an ongoing project and I tip boxes of TBs in the sea whenever I take a ferry anywhere.

If the Dolphins can take TBs 200 miles then they can take them 400 miles or maybe thousands of miles in all directions and in a group of island nations like South East Asia; the effects of large-scale ocean gifting are likely to be both profound and enduring.

The efficiency of this form of gifting can’t be ignored; transport costs frequently exceed the cost of the orgonite on gifting runs and the Dolphins don’t charge a dime for their services.

We’re all sitting here on land, wondering how to awaken the somnambulistic masses and galvanize them to the cause and the ocean is full of Whales and Dolphins who are only too eager to distribute as much orgonite as we can give them and with a level of intelligence that we Humans can only dream of.

I recommend that anyone who lives near the ocean and has access to orgonite (and regular TBs are all you need) take as generous a quantity as you can muster and throw them off the nearest pier and our aquatic allies are guaranteed to take it from there.


November 15, 2007
1:14 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

I heard that yet another tourist attraction had been added to the bewildering array on offer in Bali but what interested me was that this one involved our friends the Dolphins.

A businessman from Singapore has for some time operated a Dolphin Interaction facility on the Indonesian island of Batam just south of his home ‘country’…

Dolphin Lodge[/url:3cmhcqd0

…and has decided to see if there’s any money to be made from opening up a branch here in Bali.

I went down to the beach at Serangan (near the site of a couple of TB-drops for distribution by the free Dolphins) and located the Dolphin Interaction office which turned out to be closed for the day.

The place where four Dolphins are currently being held prisoner is a floating cage anchored out in the bay and guarded day and night (to protect their investment)..

I was told by the security guard that there had been complaints from customers that having paid US $70 ($50 for children) for the privilege of touching the Dolphins; there were only four (so they were waiting for another few to be brought down from Batam).

They’re already rather overcrowded (in a space about the size of two buses parked side by side) and I rather doubt if their conditions will improve much when their friends arrive.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I couldn’t get to meet them but threw a few TBs in the water where they’re currently anchored.

Edo cried when he saw this photo (the only other Dolphins he’s seen were swimming free in the ocean.


November 18, 2007
11:24 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

I wanted to see how the CB was doing up at Lovina in the north of the island (see the Cloudbuster Modification thread) and Edo wanted to go and see his friends the Dolphins again and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take them some more ammo so that they could continue their impressive undersea gifting operations.

On the way over the mountains we stopped to eat our packed lunch at lake Buyan…

[Image Can Not Be Found]

… where Edo and I did a little water gifting on a hike along its stony shoreline.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Between us we hurled a dozen ‘Cesco blocks’ from the water’s edge at regular intervals along the northern shore of the lake as far as the beach was navigable on foot.

After lunch we continued our drive down the steep descent to Singaraja and the beach at Lovina where we made adjustments to the CB in the hotel grounds.

The next morning we set out shortly after dawn in our regular boatman’s traditional outrigger canoe (powered by a traditional 6.HP diesel engine).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

There were many families of Dolphins chasing their breakfast and many more than usual diesel canoes chasing their every appearance and somewhere along the way I asked the captain to stop for a moment while I poured all 200 TBs over the side in a single drop.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I hope that they can do a lot more work in the region now that they have access to this cache and wherever they decide to place them; I bow to their superior judgment.


Nita's little sister Henny, who lives with us and studies at a university locally, just told me that immediately after we set off on this trip; a black helicopter flew low over the house, paused for a moment and flew on (I think the experience gave her quite a scare).

November 28, 2007
12:32 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Here in Bali the United Nations Climate Change Conference[/url:hr153sff is almost upon us with tight security everywhere (UN troops positioned all around the coastline and the sky full of helicopters).

The 24/7 chem-spraying that typified the past couple of weeks has given way to 12/7 chem-spraying (at night only now) and I can only assume that they're acutely aware of the close scrutiny of an estimated 10.000 pairs of environmentally-conscious eyes descending on the island about now and figure that night-spraying is all that's left to them for the time being.

[Image Can Not Be Found]
I write this in the early morning and the sky is a rapidly fading chemical haze and will probably be another glorious day like yesterday with a fresh breeze and towering cumulus against a deep blue background.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Don pointed out that the conference was probably scheduled well before I began gifting Bali and that the recent round of frantic chem-spraying represents a futile effort to re-establish the DOR matrix for the media’s sake.

Certainly Bali would appear to be a strange choice of venue for an International conference that hopes to promote the fiction of global warming and ever more unstable weather patterns.

It would be particularly embarrassing for the Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (who hosts a UN Conference on climate change on one hand and an active chemtrail program on the other) to take the podium on the first day with pure white chemtrails being sprayed overhead in a clear blue sky.

Toya (a new Balinese gifter) has gifted the hotel where the conference is to be held (something of a 'baptism of fire' considering the tight security in the grounds) and the atmosphere should be pleasant enough in the area for the delegates; one imagines them strolling around the grounds wondering what all the fuss is about.

Bali is apparently the only island in the archipelago now that can boast blue skies and healthy clouds and there seems to be a rapidly accelerating influx of wealthy Indonesians fleeing DOR-charged Jakarta for the tranquility of Bali (as reflected in the soaring property-prices).

Tourism is no longer the mainstay of the Balinese economy; these days the money comes largely from domestic sources.


November 28, 2007
2:00 am
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3863
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

I got pretty excited when Dan told me about this conference in an email the other day [Image Can Not Be Found];

Here are some considerations that I think are intriguing:

The world odor apparently scheduled this 'summit' (I like to use the term, 'dung heap' to describe the world odor's hierarchy, so 'summit' seems particularly fitting here) long before Dan healed the atmosphere and seas and Bali's environment was particularly degraded before that. Maybe that's why they planned to host the 'summit' there in the first place after intentionally ruining the beauty and economy there.

Another thought I immediately had was that Dan was apparently inspired to fiddle with the cloudbuster pipes to get better short-term results in teh upper atmosphere, where the HAARPies and perhaps spewplanes had managed to create an enduring whiteout strata. Taking even that harmless local manifestation away from teh world odor was a real psychological coup for Dan, I think.

By the way, Javi in Santiago, Chile, got similar results with this method with a similar whiteout condition, there. Only she and Ale are apparently disabling the thousands of DOR-generating death towers in that vast metropolitan area, after all, and both of them have full time occupations, so it's going to take awhile to get it all done.

Toya and at least one other Balinese contacted Dan after they read his postings on EW and this, too, is a major victory for the good guys. We'll certainly do whatever we can to watch out for the gifters in Bali in coming months.

The CIA apparently blew up a nightclub in Bali some time after other federal agencies blew up the World Trade Center. It's one of the handful of 'terrorist attacks' that actually succeeded in the past six years, in fact. I don't know the timing of this relative to the beginning of the chemtrail and HAARP assault on that island but I get a sense that they're related, as was probably the subsequent intentional destruction of the crucial tourism industry there.

Maybe Dan will give us his impressions about whether tourism has increased significantly since he began cleaning up the atmosphere and oceans (thanks, dolphins!).

If I were a betting man I'd lay odds that the gorgeous state of Bali's environment won't get a mention on any of the outlets of teh What To Think Network and the very passionate, professional (read: Rockefeller-funded) environmentalists at that 'summit' will probably do their best to only see the tops of their own shoes and some passing derriers.

When we listen to or read the What To Think Network's offerings we have to do it critically, by the way. On Sunday, in our international chat session, when we were going after the Japanese Corporate Navy personnel/weaponry and the other whale murderers off the coast of Antarctica's northern peninsula, Alejandro in Chile provided some pretty cool factual data that he'd gleaned from the news, there. One point was that when the photos of the sinking 'cruise' ship (filled with scientists, the TV liars admitted---did whales sink that ship?) were shown, there was no ice in the area but those photos and films were later altered to show that it was ice bound. In fact, even if the ice caps had not been receding dramatically in recent years, the 'sinking' took place hundreds of miles north of where the ice pack would be this time of year (summer there). The liars tried to make us believe it was kind of like the Titanic disaster [Image Can Not Be Found] and note how fast those 'tourists' were taken to safety by an armada of helicopters and waiting 'rescue' vessels, too. I suppose they just happened to be there in the middle of literally nowhere that day.

If you've ever travelled on the ocean you know that teh only times you're likely to see any other vessels are when you're in the shipping lanes. That's not a shipping lane.

Another startling note was that the Japanese What To Think Network was claiming that whaling was no longer profitable. I don't doubt that at all. If it were profitable, though, it would make sense that Japanese naval vessels would be protecting the whale murderers so far from home [Image Can Not Be Found]; . Otherwise, can you imagine the US Navy, for instance, sending a costly expedition thousands of miles away to a hostile environment to 'protect' baby-seal slaughterers or urban garbage scows, for instance? These fascist military organizations only ever protect valuable corporate interests, really, NOT marginally profitable but very unpopular enterprises.

Isn't it fun to watch the news in this light?


November 28, 2007
6:07 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Thanks for those comments, Don.

Back in the days when the WTC was blown up (and the first Bali bombing a little while later) I knew nothing about orgonite or gifting and wasn’t so keenly aware of the finer features of the sky (shades of blue, cloud-density etc) and so can’t remember when chem-spraying first came to the island.

I do recall thinking that there was no chem-spraying when I first started gifting around the middle of last year but the subsequent clearing of the atmosphere and the appearance of healthy cumulus clouds calls this assessment into question.

I imagine that spraying was light and well-supported by DOR-tech at the time and so they could achieve much more back then with many fewer flights than they can ever hope to now.

The tourists began to return within a year of the first bomb and confidence built up steadily until the second bombing which just about put an end to tourism in Bali.

That was before I started gifting and as the good health returned to the island, so did its popularity; although not amongst the casual tourists.

Many people who live and work overseas also visit the island on a regular basis and these ‘old hands’ know the situation here and wouldn’t be deterred by a bomb every few years.

The island has seen a sharp increase in ‘out-of-towners’ moving here and buying or building second homes in recent years and as I mentioned earlier; domestic wealth is flowing into the island on an unprecedented scale.

It’s my impression that the recent increase in the etheric health of the place has much to do with this wave of personal investment and confidence in Bali.


December 14, 2007
8:30 am

Well the UN Climate Change Conference went well (I think) down at the Westin Hotel in Nusa Dua (which was gifted in preparation, thanks to a series of courageous sorties by Toya).

I haven’t bothered to read the daily summaries of proceedings that the UN has posted on their website[/url:b4a6wxph as the whole thing is nothing more that a disinfo’ circus for what Don calls the ‘What to Think Network’.

Whether buffoons like Schwarzenegger and Gore actually believe what they say they believe and to what extent they’re knowingly a part of the grotesquely cynical deception that produces the lies they expound is anyone’s guess.

Global warming is a (fabricated) reality and is here to stay; at least as long as a significant part of the HAARP program remains active.

HAARP melts the ice-caps and brings whirlwinds to London but becomes more degraded by the hour with each tower we bust (I imagine CO2 plays its part but it’s negligible compared to HAARP).

I reported in an earlier post how they seemed to be laying off the blindingly obvious chemtrails as long as the Conference is on but their nerve broke after a day or two and they started spraying above the clouds during daylight and as the thin haze spread they sprayed more in the hope that nobody would notice the planes (but within an hour of the last trail, the sky was deep blue again).

Sunday marked the half-way point in the proceedings and was designated a rest-day for the delegates and rather surprisingly; that day saw the heaviest ‘in-yer-face’ spraying during the whole fortnight.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Exactly what the logic of that was I can’t imagine but things returned to normal the next day.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Today is the last day of the conference and according to a member of the Philippine delegation (who is closely related to an emerging gifter in Manila) most people are spending it shopping.

No visible spraying; deep blue skies and the only helicopter I’ve seen today was a shiny black one that flew right over my garden as I drove out the front gate earlier.

Generally the weather has remained beautiful for the delegates strolling in the grounds of the Westin and I hpoe they enjoyed their stay here in Bali (even if HAARP and the Chem-planes couldn’t produce a convinving demonstration of global warming for them).


December 18, 2007
1:57 am

[font=Arial] [/font]
I just returned to Bali after another interesting trip to Java and I took the opportunity to dump another 200 TBs in the Bali Strait for the Dolphins to continue their gifting of the ocean floor.

.There had been no rain to speak of for many weeks prior to our trip as the chem-planes had succeeded in dissolving any trace of rain-cloud over the archipelago although the satellite images showed heavy rain over the sea.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The farmers were all complaining about the lack of rain as it’s the one time of year that they can safely plant rice.

The TBs were dropped early on Sunday morning after a protracted drought and by nightfall it was raining heavily and it continued throughout the night.

These satellite images show the situation before and after the TB-drop:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I left Nita and Edo in Java and returned to Bali for a few days:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Driving over the mountains towards the south there was some rain and evidence of much more during the night and it’s rained pretty much without a break ever since (although the chem-plane continues to spray constantly).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

When I return to collect my bedraggled family at the end of the week I shall be sure to take another 200 or so TBs for the industrious gifters in the sea.


December 19, 2007
2:52 am

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Don commented in an email once that with the amount of orgonite that I’ve dumped in the sea, I should be able to see the effects on the weather satellite images.

At the time I thought he was kidding but he was absolutely right:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This image shows the rain-rate in the area and although there’s evidence that the jokers in the spray-planes have cut a swathe through it over land; there’s still a lot of rain falling where I am.

It would seem that their efforts in perpetuating the artificial drought in this region at least have been less than successful (although other parts of the country are less fortunate).

If there are any Indonesians out there who’d like to do some gifting, please get in touch; I’ll gladly send you some orgonite if you’ll distribute it.

If not then I’m just going to have to dump another few thousand TBs in the sea and let the Dolphins do the job.


December 24, 2007
1:57 am

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On my return trip to collect Nita and Edo Star yesterday I dropped another 200 TBs in the sea from the ferry without expecting much in the way of confirmations (actually I was rather hoping that the Dolphins would take most of them down to the Great Barrier Reef as Carol told us the Whales had suggested).

I returned the same day and this morning the sky is black with rain-clouds as one would expect from the satellite image:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The scene in the rice fields this week with everyone busily preparing the fields for planting rice contrasts sharply with last week when the land was all but abandoned awaiting the slim chance of a monsoon season this year.

Nita spent the intervening week there and said it hardly stopped raining the whole time.

I’d modified the CB there with three 60cm aluminium pipes and it’s difficult to say how much the disappearance of the high-altitude crud-layer added to the effect of the TBs in the sea but on one occasion there was a large black storm-cloud sitting right over the garden where only regular clouds prevailed elsewhere.

Nita’s little brother (who was responsible for busting more than a 100 towers in the area) recently noticed a new tower being erected nearby so he took two TBs and went in search of it.

When he got there he found an old school friend working on the perimeter fence and they were just getting ready to set the fence-posts so he added a couple of gifts to the mix as it went in the hole; the tower is now permanently busted and the equipment hasn’t even arrived yet.

As I finish this report; it’s now raining so hard that I can hardly see across the garden.


December 24, 2007
6:08 am
louis onder
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July 19, 2007

Hello Dan, this is definitely one of the best ongoing reports I've seen in a long time. It's a wonderful testimony which shows "true intestinal fortitude" on your part as well as crisp clear documentation to back it up. I specifically love the pointed orgonite device you dubbed the lawn buster. This unique creation has solved many problems for us by allowing us to use the heel of our shoe to quickly insert it in the ground and remain stealthy at the same time. It works extremely well in places that are impossible to use a small shovel day or night. Each time I make a batch of TBs, I make a half dozen or more of your ultra-cool lawn busters. [Image Can Not Be Found];


January 2, 2008
1:18 am

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As with the TBs dropped for rhe Dolphins from the Java ferry; the 200 more that I chucked in the sea from the banks of Serangan Island two days ago seem to be having a similar effect:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The concentration of rain south of Bali appeared from nowhere and is being classed as a tropical cyclone (although it's not accompanied by high winds and is very gentle so far).

The Dolphins and Whales seem to be doing excellent work and have restored healthy rains to a wide area that was previously under the influence of the under-sea HAARP platforms.


January 3, 2008
10:19 am
Don Croft
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November 3, 2013

Excellent feedback for your ongoing gifting and cloudbuster effort, thx, Dan!

Discovering how dolphins distribute orgonite might directly relate to the work that Kelly does, which is to track the progress of the 'positive ch'i canopy' over vast regions after gifting has been done. In the latter case he's done most of his gifting on land, in vortices, and there seems to be direct involvement by elementals over vast regions who can somehow extend the effects of the gifts.

In the case of the dolphins, the psychics can see each bit of orgonite as a bright speck from an overview of the gifted region. When Kelly travels by air he can see where the positive ch'i canopy has extended, far beyond the areas he gifted. Ch'i and orgone are the same, of course, but Kelly started working with ch'i long before he found out about orgonite..

We're gradually beginning to understand Kelly's work better, in fact, as we gain more insight into how the cetaceans operate and there's a direct correlation between the amount of orgonite tossed into the sea and our expanding awareness of our link to the cetaceans.

You've been inspiring a lot of people to take that little jump of faith and just toss buckets of towerbusters and other orgonite bits into the sea. I get some good feedback about that in email.

The hard science data, such as your weather pictures, photos and ground observations, are also essential pieces of this broad enquiry.


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