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Bali Gifting
January 14, 2008
11:24 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Continuing my steady supply of TBs to the Dolphins in the Bali area; I went down to Serangan Island in southern Bali again yesterday and took them another 200 (and got drenched from head to foot by a single freak wave just after I started throwing orgonite into the water from the rocky sea-wall).

It hadn’t rained for about a week and the chem-planes had stepped up their activities recently to compensate for their dwindling HAARP capability and managed to move much of the rainfall out to sea.

This is the way things looked to the weather satellite yesterday:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

And this is what it saw today:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

One wonders how much longer the chem-sprayers can keep compensating for an increasingly crippled regional infrastructure but I’m happy to engage them as long as they’re content to burn billions in the sky.

Their weaponry is costly and ephemeral and my TBs are cheap and permanent (now who do you think is going to win?!) and continuing thanks to the eager Dolphins for their invaluable part in this war.

In Java there has been a (HAARP-generated) whirlwind that went through Nita’s Father’s garden but missed the Cloudbuster (and most of the house) but stripped the roof-tiles from the back of the property.

It continued through the village leaving a narrow trail of destruction with fallen trees, broken roves and damaged crops (but the well-gifted rice-fields that Nita’s Father tends remained totally unscathed).

Back here in Bali there are a couple of local gangs who have been using lasers to dissolve the rain-clouds and offer a ‘no-rain guarantee’ to various outdoor functions for a fee.

I ran a search for ‘lasers’ on the net and found no reference to them being used for local weather-control in this way but it’s my suspicion that they are using the laser beam (if it really is one) to fire some form of negative energy into the clouds.

The units are mobile (mounted on a pick-up truck) and carry a small generator and I’m sure that they could be easily ‘busted’ like any other DOR source but their mobility is their defense (I’d first need to find one and keep chasing it to a new location each night which would be tedious).

I’ve tried pointing a CB at the target cloud in an attempt to transmute the DOR and restore the cloud as fast as it’s dissolved but only with limited success (the cloud didn’t disappear as it usually does but just became less distinct) and my aim would be to destroy confidence in the system and force the operators into bankrupcy.

I write this to the happy sound of torrential rain lashing the window panes.


January 23, 2008
10:05 am

[font=Arial] [/font]

Another weather report for you I'm afraid but I thought I'd point out a significant difference in the cloud cover patterns recently.

Where previously I noted that the weather-control artists had managed to move the rainfall over the sea in pursuit of their beloved artificial drought; now the bulk of the rainfall is over the land (as one would expect from a more natural weather system).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

There's been a break in the monsoons in the last week or so but it looks as though this is set to change soon.

There's a lot of rain falling across Australia too I'm happy to see (and the HAARP facility in the S.W is no exception for a change).


January 3, 2009
3:09 pm

[font=Arial]The recent hacking of Etheric Warriors has erased the last year’s posts in this thread along with many others on the forum and I had made no backup for this period.

This leaves a gap to be filled in with a few memories of the gifting of Bali for the better part of a year and has prompted me to write this rambling post in an attempt to plug the gap.

The last post to survive was written in January in the midst of the first of the monsoon seasons to be restored by the large-scale sea gifting that I conducted over the previous months.

This post is written at a similar point in the current monsoon season which has produced healthy rains across the archipelago and fewer floods that last time around.

In the intervening period the weather in the well-gifted enclaves of Bali and the extreme eastern end of Java has been perfect and nobody around here is complaining about global warming anymore.

As I mentioned before; the gifting of Bali is just about complete although there is always room for more orgonite.

I continue to pour the odd 200 TBs in the sea whenever I have occasion to cross it on a ferry or we go out to see the Dolphins in the north of the island on a canoe.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The slow-down in the frequency of my regular gifting forays has left me with more time to pursue my other hobby; encouraging the locals to gift their own areas of Indonesia to restore the balance and fantastic weather that has been deliberately vandalized by the chemtrail program and the electronic weaponry that the same guys have erected across this beautiful country.

I have a little information website with an explanation of orgonite and instructions on how to make it in both English and (more importantly) Indonesian.

I advertise it in Bali through a free newspaper that allows me a free column-inch each fortnight and the daily visitor statistics show that many people visit the site and access both languages which is gratifying.

I also discovered an eclectic internet forum run by the popular Indonesian news magazine ‘Detik’ in which a local guy from Jogjakarta had started a thread entitled ‘Fenomena Orgone’ which began with the entire Indonesian language page from my website.

There followed three pages of replies from locals who were interested to learn more about the compound and where to get the necessary materials etc.

I registered, introduced myself and now there are nearly 30 pages in the thread and I’m in touch with many gifters across the country with new contacts coming in all the time.

These are only the people I’ve had emails from and there’s bound to be an unknown number of gifters who don’t register and just work away quietly making orgonite at home.

Since then another two orgonite threads have popped up on other forums:

There’s even a Google 'Orgonindo' Blog in Indonesia too. ... orgon.html

The main interest comes from Jakarta and it’s my fond hope that it won’t be too long before the skies in Jakarta….

[Image Can Not Be Found]

….will resemble those in Denpasar.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The family house in Java now has two Cloudbusters in the garden; one with standard 2 meter pipes and the other with the pipes extended to 3 meters.

Whenever we went back to Java; I was struck by the contrast between the skies there and in Bali and became aware that the most probable explanation was that my place has a CB with 3 meter pipes in addition to the standard one.

There had been very little rain in Java for the two weeks before I deployed the 3 meter CB and the sky was a paler blue than in Bali (although the many cumulus clouds attested to the effectiveness of the existing CB).

Within an hour of erecting the taller CB it was threatening rain and by nightfall it was pouring (and continued to do so for the two days we stayed there).

It seems that my suspicions had been confirmed and the higher-level chemicals that weren’t being cleared by the regular CB had been having an effect on the weather and were now being dissolved by the taller one (as seems to be the case in Bali).

I shall add more detail as time goes by but for now; please accept my apologies for not being more diligent in backing-up my posts during the last year.


January 4, 2009
3:57 pm

[font=Arial]Another item I’ve been playing around with during the ‘lost period of 2008’ is my version the Cell Phone Chip.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This was originally championed by Comrade Georg and has sold well apparently on his Orgonize Africa site.

I think I make mine rather more simply the he does (and I forewent his months of R&D) but they still work very effectively; that is to say I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the many people that I’ve given them too (I don’t sell them).

They have been found to consistently defeat the ‘Popcorn Trick’ on a number of occasions.

Search YouTube for ‘Popcorn’ to see many clips of people cooking popcorn in a few seconds using 3 or 4 active cell phones.

The father of a school-friend of Edo’s is always on his cell phone and he’s been raving about the Chip ever since I gave him one a few months ago (he previously suffered from a permanently numb head and persistent migraines).

The general opinion seems to be that 2000 hours talk on a cell phone will get you a brain tumor (that’s about 2 hours a day for three years) and apparently children are at particular risk so for youngsters the time-frame can be reduced drstically.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

I’ve nearly completed a stockpile of 400 of the chips and will gift one to every child in Edo’s school that owns a Cell phone.

I have a tutorial up on my site in both English:
and Indonesian:
if anyone’s interested in making them.

The only minor deviation between my current production and the recipe on my site is that I now add ground Black Tourmaline following the discovery of a US patent for a similar device: ... =6,001,282

It’s difficult to say whether they render the cell phone totally safe or not but from a subjective standpoint; they appear to greatly reduce the potential damage to your delicate brain cells (I say ‘your’ because I don’t own a cell phone myself).



January 11, 2009
2:09 pm

The rains have returned this year and the drought that has plagued the region before I started gifting seem to be well and truly over.

In previous posts I’ve referred to a large HAARP facility in Western Australia but have never managed to track down its exact location.

Most of the weather satellite shots of the area feature a persistent moisture-free zone around the Perth area.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

If anyone knows where it is; please post here or email me at as it looks as though it has yet to be busted.

Any ambitious Australian gifter can expect grand confirmations from taking care of this one.


February 26, 2009
10:46 am

We just got back from another land-buying trip to Java (I figure that these days money is safer in land than at the mercy of the banking cartels).

[Image Can Not Be Found]
Edo Star with his own personal harvest.

We visited a previous purchase (half a hectare of coconut and rambutan trees) that we gifted with about 15 TBs buried amongst the trees and a hexagon of earth pipes:

[Image Can Not Be Found]
Nita’s Father setting the EPs.

We didn’t have a chance to gift the newer piece of land (another coconut grove nearby) as it was pouring with rain but we received a little anecdotal evidence of the effectiveness of the EPs and TBs from locals who live nearby.

The previous owner of the land visited it to make a bid for the rambutan harvest and was struck by how different it felt.
He said that after returning home; he felt an inexplicable urge to return to the land.

The chap who takes care of the land for us says he’s constantly drawn back to that particular orchard and he and the family spend most of their free time there now.

For some time he's cut the grass for cattle feed and says that it seems to grow faster now for some reason.

We only bought the land a couple of months ago so can’t comment on the fruit harvest but as time goes by we may notice an increased yield on account of the improved etheric ambience.

Edo and I chucked another couple of hundred TBs in the sea from the ferry and noticed lots of Sylphs in Java.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

We’ll be going back to gift the new coconut grove sometime next month.

Apart from this; I can report that the fledgling orgonite movement in Indonesia continues to gather interest and I add another couple of new gifters to the list each week now.

As ever; I only know of the ones who contact me or log in to the various open forums and don’t know of the ones who read the reports and go off to make TBs by themselves.

The ‘Tower Identification’ thread ... c42d#p4421 has a short report about the busting of a HAARP array near Jakarta and confirmations like these are serving to encourage others in the city.

Already there are a number of anomalous blue holes poked in the muck over Jakarta which haven’t gone unnoticed by the local population.


May 16, 2009
1:57 pm

[size=12][font=Arial]I haven’t posted anything from Bali recently as nothing much has changed.
We continue to traverse the Bali Strait to Java from time to time on land-buying trips; taking money out of the hands of the banking cartels while it’s still worth something and placing it in the one enduring investment that they can’t steal.

Each time we cross the water; we dump another cache of TBs over the gunwales of the ferry for the Dolphins to distribute (and by the quantities of unseasonable rain; I’d say the strategy is having a significant effect.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Nita’s Father-in-law has become a prolific gifter in his own right and I take him a hundred or so TBs to distribute on each trip to the family homestead.
The south-eastern corner of Java must be one of the best-gridded areas in the country now and the weather is great there too.

There has been an environmental conference in Manado (north Sulawesi) this week; opened by President Yudhoyono who sighted the unique climate of Bali as a model that all Indonesia should aspire to.
He highlighted the regular rain and blue skies in addition to the minimal pollution levels in the cities.
Not surprisingly; he didn’t attempt to explain why this little enclave has such a good climate and neither did anyone think to ask him.

I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Indonesian forums; encouraging the locals to make orgonite and distribute it intelligently in their areas and the fledgling gifting movement that I mentioned in my last post has gathered pace.
It seems that each week new people pop up on the forum to say that they’ve made some TBs and are impressed with the relults.

Here’s a selection of their self-styled etheric offerings; some of which look pretty good to me.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

The amount of blue sky in and around the Jakarta area is increasing dramatically as more and more gifters take to the streets.

I made a couple of Induction CBs in an attempt to design an easily-affordable CB for the Indonesian gifters.
I managed to get the price down to $30 a CB; using aluminium pipes with no crystals in them.

As a small domestic experiment (partly inspired by Hong Kong John’s ‘Mojo’ bed) I tried placing a number of shallow, disc-shaped TBs under our mattress and we both love the way it feels.

[Image Can Not Be Found]

No sophisticated enhancements with these; just simple TBs cast in shallow dishes so that their shape is undetectable when in place.
These discs are 3.5� across and just over half an inch thick.
Just aluminium shavings and a few small quartz crystals in each.

The bed feels warmer and more comfortable; we both sleep deeper and more soundly and wake feeling thoroughly refreshed.
Edo asked for some for his bed and he sleeps better too.
Our mattress has 12 TBs under it and Edo’s has six.

Hey; even etheric warriors need a good night’s sleep


May 17, 2009
1:19 am

[font=Arial]I just went to the busiest of the Indonesian forums and there was a collection of photos taken by a gifter in Belitung island who just returned from a gifting trip to Jakarta:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

A few months ago; photos like these from Jakarta would have been unimaginable.


May 17, 2009
3:36 am
Hong Kong John
Forum Posts: 236
Member Since:
January 5, 2009

Wow beautiful photos Dan and solid confirmation that something is "happening."

Very cool that you built your own version of a "Mojo Bed" with orgone generators. It's quite nice too if you can get your hands on some ceramic magnets in combination with the orgone generators. I think that most Etheric Warriors are perfectly capable of building their own mojo bed. All the ideas for building are posted on the website:

I've even posted the online copy of Gary null's book "Healing with Magnets" on the left hand side of the website to back up the idea that a powerful magnetic field can indeed have tremendous healing results on the body and energy field.

I only build the Mojo bed for Hong Kong now. The grids are so bloody heavy that it makes more sense for anyone with the motivation to build their own locally since the thick magnets make it very heavy. I have my powerwand from Georg under my mojo bed.

All these healing strategies like the mojo bed, raw food, qi gong, powerwand, etc. are not a panacea...but they give the ghouls less to grab a hold of you from my experience. I still get "whacked" but perhaps less than if I wasn't implementing these strategies.

All the best Hong Kong john

July 24, 2009
3:49 am

The orgonite topics on public forums in Indonesia have been running for some time now with increasing popularity.

In an attempt to further hasten the spread of orgonite; I offered to send a kilo of TBs (at cost price plus postage) to anyone in the country who wanted to test orgonite’s effects before sourcing the necessary materials and making some themselves.

The kilo limit arose because the postal service calculates the weight of an express package in full kilograms so sending smaller amounts would represent a loss of efficiency.

In addition to that; one kilo contains about 12 TBs which seems a practical starter-pack for an individual.
They can set four or five around the house, give a couple to friends and bust some local towers.

The response to my offer was swift and for a while I was sending out TBs as fast as I could make them and regularly ran out of metal shavings.

Anecdotal evidence began to be reported on the forums of subjective and objective effects of the TBs in totally ungifted areas.
People reported bule skies opening up above their houses; spontaneous rainshowers after months of drought following a tower-busting trip; a feeling of well-being in the family, deeper and more satisfying sleep etc and this has fuelled the zero-profit TB ‘trade’ still more.

Of course there were the ooccasional orders for dozens of TBs at the same price and I had to explain that the offer was restricted to a single kilo per person but that they were welcome to make any amount themselves.

In conjunction with the Indonesian ogonite instructions on my website; this strategy seems to be working well and the number of (known) Indonesian gifters has increased greatly.

I make the occasional exception to the ‘one kilo rule’ when I hear from someone like the fellow in Sumatra who lives under skies like these:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

This place is built on the ruins of a rainforest and is about 300 kilometers from anywhere that might sell resin or have a machine-shop.
It’s said to be horribly polluted with brown stinking ground-water and DOR-laden skies.

I just sent off the first of what may be many batches of TBs and will be monitoring the situation with interest.

Slowly the nature of the orders are changing from sample-packs of TB to requests for quartz chips to make TBs.

I now have about 50 addresses of orgonite enthusiasts in Jakarta alone and well over 100 across the country (where this time last year there were none).

One curiousity is the case of the guy in Jakarta who just sent me these photos of the atmosphere in his workshop:

[Image Can Not Be Found]

He says that these myriad ‘orbs’ are only visible when photogaphed by any digital camera.

I guess many of you will have heard that the NWO detonated another couple of ‘suicide bombs’ in downtown Jakarta and are demonising radical Islam anew in order to scare away foreign investment and tourism.

Just three days before the bombing I noticed that there were an unusual amount of foreign visitors to Bali and wondered where and when the next organised tragedy would take place.

Hotels that were up to 90% occupancy for the first time in many years are now receiving massive cancellations and the country is looking forward to leaner times once more.

At least this time around blue skies prevail over Jakarta.

[Image Can Not Be Found]


August 18, 2009
10:38 am

Following up on those orbs in the Jakarta workshop; here's a photo of the same place immediately after placing TBs in the room (left) and after half an hour (right).

[Image Can Not Be Found]

Seems that the supposition was right that it was some form of negative energy that was captured by the camera.


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