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One of Gare's FACEBOOK contacts asks advice
Another Pacific island is going POR!
September 20, 2016
7:23 pm
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April 30, 2010

Hi Gare,

We did throw one tb at a bunch of bush outside the fence, next to a tower by the local police station but the one i want to do (and wanted a succor punch for, to make me like: invisible) is right in the middle of town where people congregate, next to the primary school.

I did have a friend hide one under a pile of rocks just inside the fence in town, but i don't know if it is still there, people were watching, and i want to do more. The tbs i get from Organize Africa seem a little small to me and are not completely filled to the brim with metal like yours, so i thought i need another one. They keep the fenced area in town pretty clean with grass so there is nowhere to really throw one. I have thought of asking the people who live next to the tower if i could bury one on their property next to the fence but not sure what to stay to them about it. Their yard is also fenced and pretty clean so throwing there or sneaking on, is not an option. Doesn't throwing mean you have to keep throwing as you are unsure if the tb is still unfound and still there?

I placed two in my garden at home and they have disappeared, so now i think i have to bury them. i know wherever they went they will be doing good, and pretty much are indestructible, but i want to plant in my garden. What is the distance apart you have found to be best and economically feasible?

I sent 4 up to two towers on top of the XXXXX hill with the man who works for the phone company and asked him to bury two at each tower. i do not know if he did it but he said he did. I gave him an orgonite phone button as thanks. It's a long, difficult 4-wheel trip up to the towers and a bush walk after that and i am not physically able to do it.

Sometimes my mind tells me there is no way a tiny resin cup with metal shavings and a piece of quartz can have such a powerful effect on the masts which are so far up and exerting a powerful influence on people for such distances. That's why people like you and Don, Orgonise Africa etc. are so important to people like me. When i read about gifting trips and the effects, but mostly recognize your determination, it inspires me to at least try to do something.

We had a category 5 cyclone Feb 20, since i (hope) i gifted the two top towers, and a dry spell for several months after that but recently lots of rain and wind. Ever hear anything about orgonite and wind? i don't remember it being this windy here before. I don't particularly care for so much wind, kind of reminds me of the cyclone. i have lived here since 2002 full time.

I want to make a cloud buster for cyclone reduction and to encourage rain in the dry times. Can i use the cheaper and more accessible galvanised steel for the pipes? Or even pvc but coat them with a sealer? i saw online that someone is doing like that. youtube i think.

Thank you for the link to your last post on EW. That's really important. I don't usually go to EW so if you have an email list i would like to be on it.

I have 3 1" long pipes from OA and am still keeping them in the house as i have no idea where's the best place to put them. People write about lines but i have no idea where our lines are. i do believe there is negative energy in the house, though. We used to have entities. i think those are gone by other methods, but there is still too much crying from the kids and i think influences from something for unhealthy actions like junk food and unhealthy addictions. But i don't know for sure. Got lots of tbs around inside and seems things are better than they used to be. Partner, who is Indian, and initially put orgonite products to  head in respect when they first arrived, claims  sees no result. Maybe  having a bad day.

Thank you again for encouraging me and for helping with Mother Earth. i am going to share your last EW post on my facebook. i can't post to EW as i am not authorized by Don so fb is my only online sharing platform. Few good friends and people might read it. Hope all goes well with your new floor. You are in Malaysia? Once you said better to order from you there as shipping will be less.

Best regards,

Gare's reply:

A sucker punch is not necessary, besides Your money is more wisely spent on tbs as there are other ways to create invisibility, suggest You watch this recent great video that covers that very topic.

The vid is about Gifting DEVILS TOWER in Wyoming, You know that giant petrified tree stump or whatever it was before becoming a Deep Underground Military Base. That landmark has creeped Me out since I was 17 watching close encounters of the third kind.

When You start Gifting TOWERS You will know they are still Gifted by the requisite confirmations like blue holes, rain, Sylphs etc etc.
In a personal garden I suggest at least 4 buried spread out randomly but somewhat evenly. The 2 tbs might still be in Your garden as they have a habit
of blending in and becoming seemingly invisible.

Cb pipes have to be metal, PVC does not work! Aluminum or galvanised is a little more money than steel but at least You won't have to dip them in rustproof paint to coat both inside and out.

You could have a talk with the People who live next door to the TOWER and explain how debilitating it is especially to small Children and to everyOne in the neighborhood. Give them a tb or 2 and the next day ask if their sleep was any better and if they have noticed anything different? Better moods more peaceful singing birds etc.

There is nothing natural about heavy winds and it is caused by THEM after being pissed off that You have turned a few multi million dollar death force transmitters into Life Force generators. THEY do this via HAARP tech by using the TOWERS that You haven't Gifted yet. THEY are trying to discourage You most likely so You give up before You take the entire network down on Your pacific island.

When I first heard of Orgonite, near 15 years ago. i didn't think there was any way that catalysed resin cured with scrap metal could possibly do anything either.   but I chose to keep an open mind and tried it. It took 3 days, just like Don said, and REGINA's skies went from a 24 hr a day haze that had persisted for weeks and weeks to a beautiful cobalt blue color. My mind kept telling Me that it was just a coincidence though until the 8th day when the SPEWERS finally got around to Us and it was on that day that I knew I had indeed healed the skies! As the virtually silent all white jet looking things approached REGINA at mach 3 or faster a huge CHEMTRAIL was sprayed out the back but the spray instantly dissipated flying over the freshly poured cloud busters. Then as the jets left REGINA the spray would stick again with the only break in the TRAILS over the cb's! Needless to say I was ecstatic and I instantly knew that We have already won this war. AnyOne with a few extra dollars can buy a can of resin and do this WOW!

Pound one of those earth pipes into the ground outside the kids room and the other 2 pound in after You've Gifted all the TOWERS and use any low hanging white/greyish smog to indicate underground activity needing to be piped.

We are in Chiang Mai Thailand and now that the new factory has a concrete floor and steel roof We'll be back to pouring gifting ammo soon as We return from a much deserved beach holiday. Always have tbs and earth pipes in stock though so order anytime CABALBuster@GMAIL.COM.

Sorry I had to reply to You twice but the hacker on Me today decided to prematurily send the reply while I was still composing, just for that I'm going to post Your letter and My reply ok, I'll be sure to remove any peretinant info of Yours.


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