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A Dedicated Orgonite Flinger in the Arctic Circle
October 6, 2016
4:30 pm
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3869
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

I invited her to post but she prefers not to.  She also notes that her main goal is to fix the weather and that Frode may wish to add her updates, since he has a better sense of what not to share than I do.  They correspond often and he's supporting her effort.   Here are her [edited] initial, very encouraging reports to me (the occasional blue hole in surrounding storms over the little town likely indicates that someone has an orgonite cloudbuster in Longyarbean):

[from Oct 3]

It is like some kind of center of several things! 
The royals and government and Clintons and Greenpeace and godknowswho show up also from time to time.
Lots of science and space stuff there too.
I reckoned others had gifted there before, since it is so easy accessible, with airplanes every day, and not even expensive. You should come and look! During snow season it is possible to get around with snowmobiles. During summer it is possible to go by small boat or bigger boats. 
But then we have a lot of deaths and then this avalanche, which shows there is no balance there yet. 
There is a blue hole in the sky over Longyearbyen at times.
[From Oct 6, after I asked her about putting this on the forum or allowing me to do so]
For now just edit it maybe, and without names please. Maybe let Frode decide what to post on the forum. I sent him lots more info. There is even a conference in Vadsø next week that touches what is going on , not eiscat but svalsat.
I am mostly concerned with the weather and to balance the weather. It should not rain in the summer and be very little snow. 
Now what caused the avalanche , was that there came enormous amounts of snow from an unusual direction. So the snow built up a twelve foot overhang which broke and took fifteen houses. Eleven of the iconic spisshus .
I placed six tb, five at phone antennas and one in the sea.
****** volunteered right away to place more.
Working on gifting more very soon.
******'s friend has a super webcam where you can go back in time and compare for example. You find them on the domain *********** 
Three in Longyearbyen and one in Swea for comparison. 
I would imagine someone went and gifted Longyearbyen before. But it would need tons of stuff to counter what is going on.
Swea is just a Coal mining camp, but they started tourist operations some months ago, I was even there with a snowmobile.
Yes, please post something but edit it.
[Also from Oct 6]
Ha ha iPad did some spelling corrections...
I was thinking, maybe not mention that the guy with the http://www********** cameras is a friend. He is military of course, As you see with no fb profile etc out there.
He says not to post pictures of people on fb and to put a tape over the laptops camera, ....
By the way the governor is getting a million dollars extra now for figuring out who is on the Island and what they do. It said so in plain text. This is from the official budget for all of Norway . I think they release the whole budget today, but this was leaked officially some days ago.
Sendt fra min iPad

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Mrs O, Carlos Silva, Cyclingflinger
October 6, 2016
7:10 pm
Forum Posts: 223
Member Since:
January 14, 2009

I don't have a lot to add except that I'd encourage her to bring lots more orgonite there. The place feels like a dirty military outpost to me, perhaps serving logistics for a number of different factions.

The Canary islands popped into my head, which I understand was an important gifting target. I think that was to tell me this may be on par with that.

Svalbard has the global seed vault, also.

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Mrs O
December 23, 2016
4:48 pm
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3869
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

I got this very pleasant and ecouraging update from Svalbard, today (my comments to follow):

Sorry I have been busy and not reported.

Now I must tell you there are several positive news.
First, thanks for the boost after I contacted you all.
On a personal plane it did positive things for me health-wise.
I mean, forst I heard of orgonite earlier this year, then ordered some for the house, then contacted you.
Then finally treatment for backache at a naprapat started to help (kiro and naprapat dit not do much before).
And issues with the stomach. Orgonite simply got stuck energy unstuck.
Then I made orgonite and sent it up to Svalbard.
The report everyone was waiting for, got delayed, and finally got out last week.
It affects lots of houses.
With us, a big box of things we usually sell, got unstuck from a storage where I put it several years ago, still Svalbard. This is a miracle. I had asked for it before.
The first thing after tossing some orgonite was that dolphins came in a large crowd earlier this fall.
—I ordered a simple zapper to try, and it took away one whole layer of pain I have struggeld with for many years. I have not needed any pain pills since.
I got a powerwand, and must figure out how to use it.
For now I wrote down some things and put the pieces of paper in the leather sleeve. (powerwand from orgoniseafrica)
It worked the same day!
I still need to get some EPs from Frode.
I often see the foggy grey clouds breaking up into normal clouds where his part of the sky is. I have several photos, been planning to mail them, but did not get around to it. They spray the sky, and it breaks up, also here where I have spread orgonite.
And, I took several pieces to work. A new leader we got has now just disappered. Her phone is not listed anymore. I always complained they hire aliens…


I was afraid that we'd scared her off when Frode, Hawthorne and I got excited about finding someone who might disable an apparently massive and important underground bolthole for the oligarchs on that island Cool but those confirmations really lit her fire and now she intends to get some earthpipes from Frode.

The disappearance of the leader reminds me a bit of how a succession of elected leaders of Belau were assassinated in the 1980s by the CIA and MI6, each time a referendum of the population turned down their request to turn that little island nation into a base for American and British nuclear subs and weapon stockpiles. A major eruption of Mt Pinatubo in the Phillipines had forced the closure of a major American navy port and air force base, so the sewer rats needed to relocate those destructive assets in the Western Pacific.  I had spent a wonderful summer in Belau before my last year of high school on the island of Guam in 1966.  i adore those people.   The sewer rats finally gave up in the face of that demonstrated unity, haha.  This is just one example of the fact that we're ruled by mere parasites.

By the way, in the years when New Zealand was basking in the glow of being reputedly 'nuclear free' a corporation was manufacturing triggers for nuclear bombs, there, and Putin was running several top politicians and media personalities for KGB/MI6/CIA, including the present prime minister. Gregg Hallett exposed all that and survived several murder attempts during the process, there Wink. It's a fun documentary. I think it was after that when several very old, disgruntled Brit spies approached him with material about Stalin's and Hitler's early training in the UK.  Carol got acquainted with Hallett when she was visiting England some years ago.

Notice how that one deed on Svalbard with orgonite has materially, spiritually and emotionally improved this woman's life, by the way.  I mentioned to her that this is why so many of us get kind of addicted to this empowering field work. I was glad that she got a zapper, too.  A lot of us have played around with radionics and I might get back to that next year. I started building a vortex generator in 2005 and it won't take much to complete it.  Doing radionics in a strong vortex really beefs it up. I wish someone would start a research forum for stuff like this but anyone can and does make big miracles with the simplest orgonite, so that's why this forum focuses on that.  Only a few people will ever take an interest in radionics, I think.

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Carlos Silva
December 25, 2016
5:59 pm
Don Croft
Moscow, Idaho
Forum Posts: 3869
Member Since:
November 3, 2013

She mentioned, 'naprapat,' which I believe is spelled, 'naprapath,' in English.  It's a discipline that grew out of chiropractic in the early 1900s and there are a few in the US.

When I went to Belize the first time, in 1994, I learned about a naprapath from Chicago who was married to a well-known herbalist.  They were living in the jungle, working with a group of generous Mayan traditionalists to catalog their methods and knowledge, much like wonderful Dr Yaya Sekagye of Uganda has been doing across that continent for many years.  I sought the fellow out to treat my low back because I had been debilitated once or twice a year and hadn't found a chiropractor who could fix the problem.  Being laid out with back pain meant I wasn't able to earn a livelihood during those times.  He simply taught me to stretch my quadriceps muscles when the discomfort started and that fixed the problem forever.  I still visit chiropractors regularly and have benefitted enormously from it, especially for posture.

We never promote zappers as cure-alls, which sort of flies in the face of the way that alternative healing devices are usually pimped Cool

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