Tower Busters (TB’s)

How to make TBs  I.E. Tactical Orgonite

Tower Busters (TB’s) are considered “tactical orgonite” because they are the basic, first-line of defense in taking back the energy of the earth and stopping the Deadly Orgone (DOR) energy from being propagated through cell/death towers. TB’s have an effective range of about 1/4 mile, so you don’t have to place a TB right next to a death tower to affect it. You can bury it nearby or throw it in some convenient shrubbery. Many gifters have reported seeing bulldozers scraping up all the dirt from around a death tower after it’s been neutralized with a TB, so you know that the tower operators are desperate to get rid of the orgonite because it’s doing it’s job. We usually toss more than one TB per tower just to make sure that if one is found there are others to continue the job.

Some energy sensitive people are able to tell that a tower is busted just by looking at it or feeling the energy coming from it. Carol reports that a busted tower has dark energy lines running down the sides, which means the DOR is being contained and not broadcast by the tower.

If you have any questions about this tutorial, email Dooney so she can improve the tutorial.

Basic supplies:

1. Some kind of mold, such as a muffin tray or small paper cups. The mold should be at least 3 oz. to hold enough orgonite to be effective.

2. Fiberglass or poly resin with catalyst – You can find resin lots of places, such as auto parts stores, boat stores, auto body shops, hot tub manufacturers and the big box hardware stores like Home Depot. Resin has been getting more expensive so you will have to do some research on how to get a good price. The best value is if you can find someone selling it in 5 gallon buckets. Make sure you also get the catalyst, which is a liquid that you add to the resin to make it harden.

3. Metal – Just about any metal will do. The cheapest to find is aluminum, which you can get from a machine shop or sometimes your local recycling center. It’s best if the metal is curly, because the energy traveling around the metal spirals creates stronger orgone. Some people like to use brass, copper and titanium, which are more expensive but look nice. Fancy metal is not necessary for tactical field pieces but can look really nice in beauty items that you might want to sell.

4. Crystals – A plain quartz crystal chip works fine for a basic TB. You don’t  need a crystal with a point. You can pick up a milky piece of quartz crystal off the ground and use that. One economical way to get crystal chips is to get a strand of chips from a bead store. There are a couple hundred chips on a strand and they are inexpensive if you are getting plain quartz. You can add any other gemstones you like to make fancier orgonite, but it’s not necessary.


As you will see from the video below, it’s easy. Add metal shavings and a crystal to your mold and pour in the resin that has been mixed with catalyst. You’ll have about 15 minutes after adding the catalyst to the resin to do your pouring, as the resin will begin to harden. You need a temp of at least 40 degrees F to pour resin, and the higher the temp in your workshop the faster the resin will harden. The mold will get hot while the resin is hardening, so don’t be alarmed.

You will need to work in a ventilated area and if you are sensitive to chemicals get a good mask. Once the resin has hardened, you can pop the orgonite out of the mold. Some folks like to paint it for disguise purposes…brown and green are the preferred colors.

You will have to do some experimenting to figure out the best method for you in terms of pouring resin, adding metal, etc. Some people like to mix the resin and metal together first, then spoon it into the mold. Other pour the catalyzed resin in on top of the metal and let it soak down. Have fun!