What are Death Towers?

Death Towers are Cell Phone. Have you ever noticed just how thick the cables are going up the sides of these towers to the antenna? The power required to send, and receive Cell Phone calls, along with their data, is a FRACTION of what these systems are capable (and do) of delivering. Multiple towers, within a line of sight area, can pulse a very powerful EMF (Electro Magnetic Frequency) emission with a precise timing sequence such that the signal refraction of the separate pulses coincide to GREATLY amplify the delivered energy to a precise geographical location…. Like your BEDROOM where you sleep. This is not theory… The capability is FACT. This is the same, fundamental, technology that Phased Array Radar uses on Aegis Missile Cruisers.

Thankfully, Orgonite disables/transforms these emissions into POR (Positive Orgone Radiation). One, or several TB (Tower Busters — Small Muffin Pan molded chunks of Orgonite), or other Tactical Orgonite will accomplish this–even when placed a couple of hundred meters from the Tower.

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Cell Phone Tower Phased Array

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