What is Gifting?

Gifting is the act of distributing Orgonite. We call it Gifting because the distribution of Orgonite is a GIFT to all beings that come near it. Orgonite enhances/sweetens/restores the environment around it.

What are Gifters? Those who gift (distribute) Orgonite

What do we gift?

  • Death Towers (Cell phone Towers)
  • Weather Balls (Air Traffic Control  and Weather Radar Domes)
  • Power Transmission Lines
  • Courthouses and Government Buildings
  • Power Plants, Datacenters, Industrial Facilities, Factories, Refineries, etc.
  • Monuments, Cemeteries, Burial Mounds, etc.
  • Bodies of Water including the Oceans, Lakes, Rivers, Streams, Ponds, etc.
  • Your neighbor hood (Gift in a Grid)
  • Your home
  • Your place of work
  • Any place that doesn’t “feel” right